Foodie Blog From Afghanistan

Make pasta not war.
Make pasta not war.

Meet Susan Marx. She doesn’t live in Dallas, she lives in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her only connection to our fair city is that she is good friends with D Magazine‘s director of online technology, Jason Alexander. Susan is an aid worker and she has “cooked and baked” her way across the warzones of Iraq and Afghanistan for five years. She has started a blog—Foodie in a Warzone —and she deserves to be read.


  • Twinwillow

    Give that girl a medal for balls!

  • E

    For real!!

  • morgan

    thanks so much for posting this. i can’t wait to follow this blog. and, serious kudos to this woman for all she does.

  • Bad_Ike

    As if being attractive and, presumably, a good cook weren’t enough, she also has the heart to be an aid worker? My dinner is going to taste better with thoughts of (and prayers for) Susan.
    Make pasta not war. Seriously.

  • First of all, thanks so much to Nancy for the lovely post – and thanks to all of you who read and commented on the blog. I look forward to your comments on my own endeavors. Please feel free to visit and leave a note. And thank you for the well-wishes and support.

    Warm regards
    Susan Marx
    Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Marie Marx

    You should see her shopping when she visits us in South Africa – avo’s and mushrooms always feature at the top of her favourite things to buy cause she can’t find it in Afghanistan!

    Well done sis – great blog and glad you have some followers.

    Love you guys

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