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Reader Review: Lemongrass in Deep Ellum


Disher, and general all around nice guy, Rawlins Gilliland, just sent me this review of Lemongrass. I’m sure he will not be happy that I am posting it, but I am because it makes me hungry.

I went to Lemongrass last night on Elm in Deep Ellum and was really impressed across the board.  Service was ideal, the restaurant lovely with terrific nuance lighting and ambience, lending an ability to actually talk. Pretty and clean decor. Wonderfully versatile menu offerings. Felt very expensive but was affordable by Dallas standards. Bottom line:  A great place to close a deal or launch an affair.

Seared steak spring rolls were robust and beautifully served. Then a volcano roll tower something that was loaded with crayfish which was rich and seductive. A friend had a strip steak marinated in chilis which was $26 and over 16 ounces and delicious. Another had ribeye ‘cubes’ in garlic sauce that was so good it needed a paper umbrella or something celebratory.  I sampled some sushi which was refreshing. Then I had the sea bass special entrée which was wonderfully fresh and simply done, served with FRESH spinach pasta integrated with sprouts and ginger, etc. and who knows what but again, fresh and perfectly intertwined flavors.

The desserts were all freshly made on site. I tried a sampler of ice creams wrapped in something with homemade $6 coconut cake, strawberry cake, and German chocolate cake.

I ate it all.  Sue me.  That ‘taste and toss’ gig is as alien to me as doing shots of Wild Turkey with nuns.