A 100-Calorie Cinnamon Roll

Well, not exactly, and I apologize for the tease, but Yoplait Light’s new Thick & Creamy cinnamon roll flavor is pretty darn close. When I picked this up at my favorite Tom Thumb (the one at Lovers and Greenville, if you must know), I was more than skeptical. Cinnamon roll yogurt? That doesn’t even sound good. But, to my surprise, it was. Granted, I’ve been dieting for about six weeks, so my taste buds may be playing tricks on me, but for 100 calories and zero fat, I’ll happily enjoy the delusion.


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  • vceleste

    That was just cruel!

  • in dallas

    Try Weight Watchers Amaretto Cheesecake which actually tastes like yellow cake batter. Mix in some fresh blueberries–mmmmm!

  • Rhonda Reinhart

    Ooh, that sounds good. BTW, I tried Yoplait’s other new flavor, cherry cobbler. It was not as good.