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Women of Influence – DeAnna Irvin

General Manager, Oasis Pickleball Club
By D Partner Studio | |Photography by Vanessa Gavalya
DeAnna Irvin

Adventure Park of Rockwall is home to the largest pickleball facility in Texas, Oasis Pickleball Club. A business doesn’t achieve this success without a smart general manager leading a great team. In this case, it’s Deanna Irvin. Irvin moved to Rockwall to grow the lifestyle management business she began right out of college. “I was ready for something new and was given the opportunity to help run Oasis and Urban Air, by the owner,” she says. “He saw my potential.”

Irvin has continued her mentorship skills in this role. Most of the club’s employees are high school and college students working part-time, and for many, it’s their first job. “When I was little, I wanted to be a missionary, but I became a teacher and then started my business,” she says. “In each role, I enjoyed teaching others about being healthy and self-empowerment. With this job, I have been given an opportunity to continue my work and provide guidance.”

Between making schedules, keeping the books, marketing, hosting parties and events, and managing daily operations, Irvin spends time with her employees and ensures they believe they can reach their full potential, too. “I start my day by thanking God and for the divine wisdom to do everything required for this extraordinary role,” Irvin says. “It takes an amazing team to run such a big place, and I cherish the opportunity to be a steppingstone in their lives.”