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The 20 Best Radio Shows in Dallas

Whether heading to the bar or carpooling with the kids, tune into the best programming on the FM dial.

The Musers 
KTCK 96.7, The Ticket
It’s tough to single out one show from The Ticket’s formidable lineup, so maybe it’s best to start with the guys who begin the station’s broadcast day. George Dunham, Craig Miller, and Gordon Keith have been hosting the morning-drive shift since 1995, navigating between (mostly serious) sports talk and (rarely serious) guy talk, and have arguably shaped the local vernacular as much as any radio hosts in the city. (If you overhear a conversation at a bar or tailgate, there is a fairly decent chance you will hear more than a few phrases that originated with these guys.) Weekdays, 5:30 to 10 am

Listen to a sample of the Musers.

KERA 90.1
Every show is usually split into two hour-long segments, each tackling a different topic with a guest, often an author. A sample of recent daily pairings: an exploration of the beguiling octopus, then fracking; Richard Pryor’s career, then how we share culture and traditions through food. Host Krys Boyd has interests that range far and wide, and she prepares like a madwoman, often digesting two books a day. Put simply, she’s the best interviewer on Dallas radio. Mondays through Thursdays, noon to 2 pm

Listen to a podcast of Think.

Chris Cole
KKDA 104.5, K104
When K104 hired Cole in 2012, fresh out of broadcasting school, it made a smart and (for a hip-hop-oriented station) seemingly obvious move: putting a super talented MC behind the mic. Better known as AV the Great, Cole makes his time on the air feel like you’re listening to a freshly dropped mixtape. Tuesdays through Fridays, midnight to 5 am; Saturdays, 6 to 10 am; Sundays, 10 am to 3 pm

Jody Dean & The Morning Team
KLUV 98.7
Jody Dean & the Morning Team is Kidd Kraddick in the Morning for the baby-boomer set. Led by Texas Radio Hall of Famer Jody Dean, the show plays oldies from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s (yes, songs from the ’80s now classify as oldies). Although there were some shake-ups a year ago with manager Bernie Mack leaving the show after eight years, it’s still as solid as ever. And Dean keeps the show moving with commentary, trivia, and (naturally) reminiscing. Weekdays, 5 to 9 am

Shoboy en la Mañana
KMVK 107.5, La Grande
Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo survived the station’s July format change—from Spanish adult contemporary to regional Mexican—for good reason. His show is high-energy and insanely positive, an infectiously fun start to the day, whether or not you understand a word. Also, the Sotelo name is something of a trademark of quality in Spanish-language radio: his older brother Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo was recently inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Weekdays, 5:30 to 10 am

The Adventure Club
KDGE 102.1, The Edge
Mark Schectman has helmed the show since December 2012, when longtime host Josh Venable was laid off by the station. Continuing to play a mix of emerging American and British acts, as well as local bands, The Adventure Club is The Simpsons of local radio: no longer quite so groundbreaking, but still worthwhile. Sundays, 9 to 11 pm

Check out this recent playlist from the Adventure Club:

The Ben & Skin Show
KRLD 105.3, The Fan
Other shows have occasional interviews and guest spots featuring local athletes, but most merely run the same sound bites from the postgame locker-room scrum. Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade, on the other hand, have developed real relationships with many current and former players and coaches, giving their afternoon show on The Fan a perspective others lack. Plus, it’s the only show that has one host (Rogers) perform its theme song. Weekdays, 2 to 6 pm

Listen to a sample of the Ben and Skin Show.

Michelle Rodriguez 
KSCS 96.3, New Country
During her midday shift, Rodriguez strikes the right balance between one-of-the-boys sass and girl-next-door sweet. In other words, she’s the idealized version of a member of KSCS’ new-country audience. And she brings a fan’s enthusiasm to her job—Rodriguez clearly loves country music and loves playing it for people. Her weekday shift feels personal. Weekdays, 10 am to 3 pm

Listen to a sample of Michelle Rodriguez:

Dead Air with The O’s 
KHYI 95.3, The Range
The O’s—John Pedigo and Taylor Young—were in a diverse assortment of bands (Slick 57, Hi-Fi Drowning, The Polyphonic Spree) before teaming up as a multi-instrumental twosome a few years ago. (They released their third album, Thunderdog, last year.) Their two-hour Friday afternoon slot on The Range, which they began in July, reflects some of that diversity—bouncing from old country (Merle Haggard) to indie rock (Guided by Voices) and points in-between (Ryan Adams)—served up with their stage-honed charm. Fridays, 4 to 6 pm

The Bo & Jim Show 
KZPS 92.5, Lone Star 
It’s a little corny and errs on the side of playing to (and engaging in) stereotypes, but it’s the ultimate no-pressure listen (read: no thinking) to start your day. Bo Roberts and Jim White have been around, more or less, since they got their start on Q102 in 1982, and there is something to be said for longevity when it comes to radio. People like Bo and Jim eventually become part of your lives, even if you’d never expect them to. Weekdays, 6 to 10 am

Hear a sample of Bo and Jim:

Dallas City Council Meetings
WRR 101.1, Classical 101
The city owns this frequency and interrupts the Tchaikovsky and Dvorák roughly twice a month to broadcast the people’s business. The best time to tune in is at the end of every meeting, when the (often insane) public is allowed to address the Council. Second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, 9 am to whenever

Soccer Today
KESN 103.3, ESPN
Hosted by ESPN’s Marc Stein and Pro Soccer Talk’s Steve Davis, Soccer Today is pretty much the only chance you can hear anyone talk about the beautiful game on the radio. It has the enthusiasm of a bedroom-recorded podcast and, thanks to the ESPN imprimatur and its hosts’ connections, the guest list of a national broadcast. Sundays, 10 to 11 am

Listen to a Soccer Today podcast.

The Family-Friendly Morning Show
KLTY 94.9
Snark and stories about celebrity boob jobs have their place. This is not that place. Between Casting Crowns and Steven Curtis Chapman songs, the No. 1 contemporary Christian music station in the country airs a morning show that is so Christian, so wholesome, so much about Him that it doesn’t even use its hosts’ names in the title. (The humble servants, by the way, are Frank Reed, Starlene Stringer, Chris Chamberlain, and Perri Reavis.) Weekdays, 6 to 9 am

Sample the morning show.

Jagger & Tara in the Morning
KDMX 102.9, Now
Last summer, the station went from Mix to Now to “capture this very hot cycle for contemporary music.” That means you’ll hear a lot of Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Maroon 5. When they let Chris Jagger talk, which, for our taste, isn’t often enough, you’ll hear a morning pro who just happens to be the only out gay broadcaster in a titular role in this market. It’s not a focus of the show, though. It’s handled as it should be, just another dude with a partner. Weekdays, 5 to 9 am 

Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught
KNON 89.3
One of the longest-running hip-hop shows in the country, Knowledge Dropped, Lessons Taught, and its host, DJ EZ Eddie D, have been fixtures on the local scene for more than two decades. It even survived being shrunk by an hour a couple of years ago. But this isn’t a lifetime-achievement award. The show remains a Saturday night special. Saturdays, 8 to 9 pm

The Paul Slavens Show
KXT 91.7
Here are the acts played, in order, in the last hour of one of Slavens’ eclectic shows in November: Sam Phillips, Stealers Wheel, Trombone Shorty, Peaking Lights, Shadows of Jets, Wir sind Helden, Robin Trower, Kathryn Williams, Clint Black, Cults, Bert Jansch, Phoenix, Sandy Denny, Squarepusher, Muddy Waters. You might hear some of that separately elsewhere. But together? Only on Slavens’ freewheeling show. Sundays, 8 to 10 pm

Listen to Slavens’ biweekly podcast, Track by Track.

The Russ Martin Show
KEGL 97.1, The Eagle
Martin lets his id run wild for four hours every day. It’s tough to tell sometimes what’s a put-on and what’s genuine, but it does appear that he drinks on the air. He’ll spend 15 minutes torturing his showmates—Dan, Clo—trying to get them to reveal details of their sex lives. Here’s the secret, though: there’s an intelligence at work. Martin may be shocking, but he can also be very funny. Weekdays, 3 to 7 pm 

Anything You Ever Wanted To Know
KERA 90.1  
When Paul in Fort Worth asks if hikers can gain access to the wooded areas around DFW Airport, Jeff Whittington will find the answer. He does it for one hour every Friday. Although you’re probably thinking Google could’ve easily killed the show years ago, you’re wrong. Facebook, email, and the Q&A page on the KERA website have only enhanced Whittington’s show. Fridays, noon to 1 pm

Listen to a podcast of the show.

The Front Porch
KPLX 99.5, The Wolf 
Quit moaning about the banal state of country music—hello, Taylor Swift—and take a seat on RJ Scott’s Front Porch, featuring the best singer-songwriters from the Lone Star State. Jason Boland, Wade Bowen, and the Randy Rogers Band are a few of the Texas artists that’ll have you nostalgic for smoke-filled honky-tonks. Whiskey shots are encouraged. Sundays, 6 to 8 pm

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