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Which East Dallas Journalist Most Deserves a Namesake Burger?

Rodeo Goat started this debate. Don't blame me.
By Tim Rogers |
Photo by Tim Rogers

News broke last week that a Rodeo Goat will open next year in Casa Linda, in the old Highland Park Cafeteria spot. This is super important, mainly because I live in that neighborhood and love Rodeo Goat. I will go there and put things in my mouth.

Speaking of mouths, let’s talk burger names. Shannon Wynne likes to put eponymous burgers on his menus. The current Dallas location of Rodeo Goat, for example, serves a Brad Sham (applewood smoked bacon, beefsteak tomato, jalapeños, shredded lettuce, fried onion, cheddar, pickled chutney, Texas BBQ sauce) and a Mike Rawlings (entire burger submerged in a gin and tonic). So Wynne told the Dallas Morning News that he’s naming a new burger at the upcoming Casa Linda location. It’s called the Murder Burger by Skip Hollandsworth, an homage to the Texas Monthly writer who got his start right here at D Magazine. (I’m kidding about the gin and tonic thing, obviously. It’s actually a Manhattan.)

This all got me thinking: if I were going to pick one East Dallas journalist to name a burger after, would it be Skip Hollandsworth? I love and admire Skip. He might be the only writer in Dallas with a National Magazine Award to his name, unless I’m mistaken. Oh, wait. I am mistaken. Just occurred to me: I, too, have won the American magazine industry’s highest honor. Am I arguing that I deserve a namesake burger more than Skip because he’s a recent transplant to East Dallas from Preston Hollow, whereas I have lived in East Dallas for 44 years? No! Of course not! What I’m suggesting is that it’s fine to serve a Murder Burger by Skip Hollandsworth, so long as the place is called Rodeo Goat (feat. Tim Rogers).

I’m sure even Shannon Wynne would agree.

OK, really. If you’re talking East Dallas journalists who get a burger, it’s Jim Schutze. There’s no argument against this. Plenty of time to fix this oversight. I look forward to eating it.

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