There’s Nothing Like White Rock After a Big Rain, Part 2

Give it a week and maybe lend a hand.

Earlier this week, I posted iPhone photos from my Sunday morning walk around the lake. Since some commenters requested an update and since I pass by the lake on my way to work, and since I like to give my hair some time to air-dry a bit before walking in the office, I stopped by the southeast section of the running trail that was previously overrun with debris. The trail itself appeared to have been cleared, but the shoreline is still a mess—it’s 90 percent water bottles and Styrofoam cups from Whataburger and QT. Some pics below.

Also, I spoke with Shana Hamilton, the City of Dallas’ manager of maintenance services for the area. She says this debris is worse than what they dealt with after the flooding in 2014. And, as a few indicated in the previous post’s comments, Hamilton confirms that the trash comes in from all over—various creeks, channels, and off the street. The department’s first priority, she explained, is to clear the trails, then it’s a matter of getting the piles into dump trucks. She said it would take crews about seven days from today to complete clean up around the lake, assuming we don’t get more rain.

Citizens who would like to help can check out this volunteer group, For the Love of the Lake.