Ssahm Korean BBQ Truck Rolls into Dallas

Partners Joey Hong and Andy Park managed to  get their Ssahm BBQ truck on the road pretty quick.  Yesterday was their 3rd day out. So far they’ve served in the Arts District, Addison, and back down to the Design District.  I headed over and chewed my way through most of their menu. I’d do it again soon.

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The menu is straightforward:  Beef, pork, chicken, or a vegan tofu options.  Pick your delivery form: tacos, quesadilla, burrito, or kimchee fries.  I went for variety: a Kalbi (beef) taco, Ddak (chicken) quesadilla, and some pork Kimchee fries.

Yeah, this was great stuff from a food truck.  Really good and smack full of flavor with just-right seasoned heat on the taste buds.  The Kalbi Taco

Kalbi (beef) taco

comes on a corn tortilla packed with grilled short rib beef, sesame-soy vinaigrette salad, cilantro, onion, and green salsa on the side.

The Ddak spicy chicken quesadilla is served on a flour tortilla with kimchee.  Again, great flavor but with a familiarity that anyone will enjoy.

Ddak spicy chicken quesadillas
Kimchee Fries

The kimchee fries aren’t your Daddy’s cheesy fries.  If your doc allows, dive into these.

The Ssahm truck is one of the best-designed models  I’ve seen in Dallas. They have clear signage, lots of space for drinks, and a nice open design with lots of windows.  They’re also smart to have a “waitress” outside of the truck to help guide and educate new visitors.

The Ssahm truck will be in Addison today.  Keep tabs on them Ssahm BBQ on Twitter or Facebook and get there when they are in your neighborhood.

Ssahm's Open Design Truck


  • el sensetivo

    This exactly what we have in Vegas…6 months ago. If these guys do a good job, it is definitely worth eating. (They are great in Vegas)

  • The SsahmBBQ truck will be serving lunch at Sigel’s-Greenville (5757 Greenville Avenue) on Thursday, June 16th.

  • mako

    Wish the Dallas food trucks start using one of those aggregator apps, like Food Truck or TruxMap.

  • Haute cuisine diner

    Can’t wait to try these! Is the 16 the next time these guys are going to be out?

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