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Executive Perspectives

Executive Perspectives: Crawford Brock

The owner of luxury goods store Stanley Korshak has faith in a retail rebound—once we get through this unprecedented time.
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Crawford Brock purchased iconic Dallas men’s and women’s clothing store Stanley Korshak in 2002, 15 years after he was asked by Caroline Rose Hunt to oversee operations. He began his career at another well-known Dallas luxury goods retailer, Neiman Marcus, where he learned the art of merchandise selection and customer service from Stanley Marcus 

What will things look like for your company and industry in another six months? 

I feel like we’re going to be back on solid ground. A year from now, we’ll be back driving big growth. It may not be what it would have been–our projected March numbers were a huge number based on a 14 percent growth trend, so we probably won’t be that high, but I think we’ll be going back and looking at 2019 and we’ll be back at those numbers.   

Honestly, I’m very positive. I think that is my DNA that I always see the glass half full, and I know the kind of people that work for me are highly motivated, and they’re brutes.  

Do you have advice for other local business leaders? 

Just stay calm. It’s going to work out. I am confident that this is going to end, and we are going to look back and figure out what this was, which is unprecedented and learn from it. And the next time something happens, it won’t be as bad.  

I don’t care what the adversity is; I am just going to rise to the occasion. This is uncommon, and we are just going to outwork it and win it and be back in the saddle again. 

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