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To Move or Remodel, That is the Question

Take our quiz to help you decide your next move.
By D Home |
Larry Oliver

The Verdict

Take the remodel risk.

Mostly As: You’re ready for the challenge of moving out of your home, managing a hit-or-miss budget, and uncovering an unexpected surprise or two. But your home is so special to you that you can’t imagine living anywhere else. Just be ready for a few chutes and ladders to invade your home before you enjoy that new master suite. And remember: Hire a professional!

Start the pursuit of a new build.

Mostly Bs: Your home may be too old to make financial sense to remodel, or you’re just ready to customize your new home from the ground up. Plus, there’s enough sand in the hourglass to take on a longer project. We can’t wait to see what you build—check out our Best Builders list on to find a trusted builder in town.

Don’t be sorry!

Mostly Cs: You still have some soul-searching to do. This is your life—make sure you make the right choice. Start setting up interviews with designers, architects, builders, remodelers, and Realtors to explore your options. Maybe you’re better suited to purchase a new home. Either way, remember to call on the experts to help guide your decision. Good luck!