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Would Cowboys Linebacker Sean Lee Make a Good Broadcaster?

Join me as we start a rumor.
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Is Sean Lee going to retire? That’s the question people typing this blog right now are asking. The answer is “maybe,” and that is, again, according to the persons(s)(?) typing this blog. Does this typist have any inside information? No. Does this person like asking questions? Sometimes! This person (or maybe persons or maybe it’s an algorithm — who’s to say?) is curious. A curious cat. Curious George and you all are this person’s (persons’/algorithm’s) Man in the Yellow Hat. Did you know that the Curious George film that came out that starred Will Ferrell and had music by Jack Johnson was actually delightful? Because it very much is. Even the Jack Johnson music! I know! I mean, the person/persons/algorithm knows. Not me.

ANYWAY, when/if Sean Lee retires will he be a good broadcaster? He is like a glass of milk was granted life by a magical jockstrap and became  a coach on the field and seems to have the personality of a recycling brochure. So the answer is probably “not really at all” but that doesn’t mean he won’t get a job when he retires. Because he definitely will. Maybe this coming season, after he announces his retirement. [broad wink to the camera]

Just remember: I have yet to be wrong about matters in this area, or anything, really. Also: I love you.

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