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Poll: Should Deep Ellum Streets Close to Car Traffic on Weekends?

As a side poll, dancing on tops of cars? Yea or nay?
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This conversation has been brewing for a while now, as Deep Ellum reckons with its growing popularity as a weekend party destination. But video of a woman dancing on, and subsequently falling from, the roof of a car parked on Elm has brought the debate back to the forefront. Should police block off Deep Ellum streets during peak weekend hours?

Pros: Safety for bar-goers spilling out onto the streets at last call; it seemed like an OK thing to do in the ’90s; it can make the street feel more lively and fun; other places do it (see Sixth Street in Austin) and it works for them; clears the way for emergency response vehicles; general traffic management. Cons: Maybe things get “out of hand” and people misbehave; more street litter; you have to walk a few blocks to meet your Uber driver.

There’s only one way to settle this definitively. We’ll put it to a poll, as we do with all important issues. Vote with your heart and mind.

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