Happier times. Photo by Danny Bollinger via Flickr.

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Poll: Who Was the Second Best Player on the Mavs 2011 Championship Team?

Give us your hot sports opinions.

Seven years ago today, the Mavericks beat the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, winning Dallas and Dirk Nowitzki their first championship. Some other guys also walked out of there with a ring, and it is to those guys that we now turn.

For this convergence of Hot Sports Take Tuesday and Time Travel Tuesday, we pose the question: Who was the second best player on that 2011 Mavericks team? Define “best” however you want. Most valuable, most fun to watch, best nickname, best neck tattoo of Abraham Lincoln. There are no rules. Except to click on one of the little circles next to a name below. Thanks.


  • Alex Macon

    Let the record show that my vote went to Jason Terry.

  • Carol B

    No mention of Ian Mahinmi with the offensive rebound in the closing seconds of the 3rd quarter before hitting a buzzer beater? That was a turning point in the game. Ahhhh the memories. I bet Zac remembers. But honestly my vote went to JKidd which was a toss up between the Jet and JKidd.

  • Mavdog

    I raise my hand and vote for Jason “The Jet” Terry.
    Remember the second quarter of game 4 vs LAL? Terry outscored the Lakers all by himself.
    Remember the first half of Game 6? Dirk was not himself and went 1-12. Jet kept the Mavs afloat with his 19 points. The second half was Dirk being himself and shooting 8-15 for 18 points.
    Batman needs a Robin, and Jet Terry was a great Robin.

  • EricCeleste

    Terry is a fine choice, but don’t sleep on Jason Kidd. Kidd averaged 5 more minutes a game than Terry; took the same number of three-pointers and hit a higher percentage (43%); doubled his assists; more than doubled Jet’s defensive rebounding percentage (and beat out Shawn Marion’s); and played stout defense every game. Jet was fantastic in Game 4, yes, but he had to be. As Dirk said after Game 3: “Jet hasn’t really been a crunch-time, clutch player for us the way we need him to be.”

  • @zaccrain

    you can make the case for several guys. jet killed the lakers. moving jj to the starting lineup changed the finals. ty was ty. a lot of other dudes had moments. actually, pretty much everyone who played had a moment, including, yes, ian mahinmi. i’d probably say kidd, largely because of his defense in the finals, but jet is a good pick.

    • Carol B

      Good point about that team, Zac. Everybody had a moment and not one guy had to “carry” the team throughout the playoffs. And yes, thank you for recognizing my Ian moment.

  • texascy

    Kidd, JET, and Chandler are the three clear choices for #2 and all were pretty essential. But every one of the players contributed _something_ crucial to the playoff run. Peja didn’t play more than a handful of minutes (if any) in the finals, but he was instrumental in the Lakers sweep!