Photo courtesy of Delaware North.

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Poll: Are You Down With the Dilly Dog?

At the ballpark this year, Rangers are selling a corn dog-pickle hybrid. Sound like a total snack? Or is it totally wack? You decide.

Opening Day is Thursday, with the world champion Astros visiting your Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park. Whatever woes Rangers fans may endure this season, the return of baseball should be greeted as, speaking generally here, a good thing. I can already hear the crack of the bat, feel the buzz of a tied-up ninth inning, and smell the freshly cut grass, mingled with a hint of corn dog and pickle.

That last smell comes to you courtesy of the Dilly Dog, the most attention-grabbing food creation debuting this year at the ballpark.

The corn dog-dill pickle hybrid is insane enough to rival the fried nightmares that come out of the State Fair’s kitchen. But whether the Dilly Dog is a source of sick fascination and hunger, or of complete repulsion, seems to be a matter of opinion. So we’re putting it to a vote. It’s a no for me. Not because I’m above eating a fried pickle weiner. I would, however, like to discourage cross-promotions with Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” ad campaign, which is as omnipresent as it is obnoxious, probably by design.

Is this better or worse than an entire company called “Dally Dally,” which sells Dallas-branded T shirts and knick knacks, a la Bullzerk? How relevant is that company going to be in 5 years, when everyone has forgotten that “Dilly Dilly” was a thing and being named for a corporation’s multi-million dollar ad campaign is going to seem kind of embarrassing? Questions for future polls. For now: