Barrett's most recent mugshot. (He really weighs 150 now.)


Barrett Brown Is Home!

Just goes to show that when it comes to the BOP, it helps to have money and connections.

I just talked to Barrett Brown. He was fresh out of the bathtub and sounded no worse for his three days in prison. “I got to go back to Seagoville and see some of my old buddies,” Barrett said. “Then today, they came in and told me, ‘You won. Get your stuff ready.’ An assistant from the halfway house had to come and pick me up in his car.”

Barrett says they made him sign some documents at the halfway house that make no sense, given that he was ostensibly re-arrested for not getting permission to talk to the media. One of the forms he was asked to sign gives the BOP permission to talk to the media about him.

Major credit for freeing Barrett goes to David M. Siegal, a New York-based Haynes and Boone attorney who worked with our Dallas-based Haynes and Boone attorney, Jason Bloom. In a written statement, Siegal said: “The treatment of Barrett Brown by the Bureau of Prisons was unjustified and in violation of his First Amendment Free Speech Rights. Unfortunately, Barrett was forced to spend three days in a federal penitentiary when he should have been out living his life. We are happy we were able to work with Barrett and his family to achieve his return home today.”

Barrett said he’ll be along tomorrow on FrontBurner with a few words about what the last three days were like. Stay tuned.



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  • mrEmannE

    My middle name is “Ladelle”. I always thought that was a weird middle name.
    “Lancaste” has me beat.
    Welcome back Barrett!

    • hellender

      It’s Lancaster, but it gets cut off in the system.

  • RAB

    A buck thirty? Geez, I could curl him.

  • Very good legal work. Good job!

  • NancyNichols

    Long live Lancaste!

  • Missjune75

    5 foot ten inches and 130 pounds of pasty mudrucking genius. When is he going to be on the cover of Tiger Beat? There’s a bunch of radical ladies like myself waiting for his pin up.

  • Jim Schermbeck

    Thank You D Mag. How many go thru the same authoritarian pettiness every week w/o this kind of help?

  • HIS NAME WAS GEORGE KOSKO, out of Roanoke Virginia. A former private pilot for George Jones, professional golfer and nightclub owner and bookmaker. When I met him he was doing twenty years years for RICO and conspiracy to distribute couple hundred keys. He’s the only guy I ever met who negotiated his surrender to the Chief Federal District Court Judge on the tarmac! He was sixty three and looked like he stepped off the page to Ralph Lauren add with complete white full hair and tanned like a walnut. Walked the track every day eating Oranges and calculating his return to the casino’s where he had devised a betting system that beat any fast moving game, with a near fifty-percent chance of winning against a betting formula that required he win one of every three. Pure mathematics, and, virtually unstoppable. He came to see me when I was the Head Clerk at the Inmate Law Library at Seagoville, Texas in the early 90’s. #MARKANTHONYGIVEN #REALLIFEHEIST #CIRCLEJERKCITY #ANOTHERHOTGRAND #DOPESICKANGEL #ODCITY #727BOURBONSTREET #NAGINSSURRENDER #THEDOPEFEINDSHUFFLE #TRUECRIME #THEELEGANTSADNESS