Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Menu For Cafe 43, the Restaurant at the Bush Presidential Center

There will be cake, presumably. Photo: Infrogmation, via Flickr
There will be cake. Photo: Infrogmation, via Flickr

Yesterday, news came that the restaurant at the George W. Bush Presidential Center would be named Cafe 43, in honor of Bush’s presidential lineage. The restaurant will open May 1, and will be open to the public, not just ticket-holding center-goers.

“That’s what Mrs. Bush wants,” George W. Bush Foundation president Mark Langdale told the Morning News. “She’s looking forward to being there with her friends and family and going there after church. It’s going to be a great place for people in … the greater community to come to campus, come to SMU, and experience being here.”

The cafe will serve lunch daily, and will be available for some special dinner events. Langdale added that it will likely become available to rent for community activities. One thing the Morning News piece left out was the menu. I don’t know if that’s because they chose to leave it out, or just don’t have the same connections at food-operator Culinaire that we here at D Magazine do. After the jump, a sneak peek at some of the menu items:

(Note: All items, including drinks, salads, and desserts, are served with freedom fries. Even if you just wander in here looking for a bathroom, or think you’re already in the museum and this is an exact replica of the White House dining room, we’re going to cannon an order of freedom fries in your direction.)


The Crawford — A bucket of ranch

The Condi Rice Pilaf  No matter how much it disagrees with you, you’ll never know

The Wedge (Issue) salad — Served exclusively to our swing-state guests

The South Florida salad — There are a lot of calories, but who’s counting?


The Colossal WMD steak — A lot of people say they’ve seen it, and that it could really mess you up, but our chef can never find it when it’s ordered

The Dick Cheney plate — A quail that’s been stuffed with a tiny microphone and GPS transmitter that transforms any ordinary citizen into a soldier in the fight against global terrorism

Each meal is served on the finest of presidential china, pilfered from the White House. Photo: Luigi Crespo
Each meal is served on the finest of presidential china, pilfered from the White House. Photo: Luigi Crespo


The You’re Doing A Heck of a Job brownie — Served five to seven days after you order it

The Axis of Evil’s Food cake  — Surprisingly ahead of its time


The Waterboard — Our torturously extra-large drinks



The Mission: Accomplished — Convince your waiter you’ve eaten everything on the menu, when you’ve really hidden roughly 3/4 of the food under the table.

The No Dessert Left Behind — Eat everything on our heapin’, Texas-sized dessert bar.

Winners of either challenge get a water pik.

(Jason Heid and Michael J. Mooney received the menu as well, and helped assemble the finest menu options for this post.)


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