Mark Cuban is 50

A vehicular-named FBvian pointed out that Mark Cuban turned 50 today and wondered if it deserved it’s own thread. Can’t see why not, as long as we can do it roast-style. I’ll go ahead and turn the comments on.

UPDATE: It’s also noted regional comedian Dave Little‘s birthday. So feel free to roast him as well.


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11 responses to “Mark Cuban is 50”

  1. SPW says:

    I just hope his mid-age crisis is not purchasing something large and eccentric… like, oh let’s say, a baseball team in Chicago.

  2. microdermer says:

    Hair style has vastly improved from that wiki photo. Happy B-day to a guy that brought good pro basketball back to Dallas.

  3. Devin Harris says:

    Mark – You now own the Dallas-area’s major sports franchise with the 4th highest likelihood of winning a championship in the next decade. Congrats.

  4. j.d.w... says:

    Dave Little is funny, despite what others say…

  5. Former Employee says:

    Funny thing is, Cubes used to lie about his age — until went public and he had to disclose his real age in the prospectus. He had us all believing he was three years younger. (He had more hair then, so it was somewhat plausible.)

  6. amandacobra says:

    happy birthday dave little. again.

  7. Eric Celeste says:

    Noted comedian. That’s funny…

  8. Belayng the point says:

    Well you know how it is in the Dominican . . . birth certificates are hard to come by . . . dates get a little hazy . . what? what’s that? His name is Cuban… oh, I thought he was a new pitching prospect for the Rangers…. never mind

  9. fruitdog says:

    Dave who?

  10. AK says:

    Dave, I hope your hair loss hasn’t adversely affected that sweet jump shot.

  11. ittybittywussy says:

    Birthday dinner at Bob’s on Lemmon. Jeans and a too-small polo. Viva (and prime strip).