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We See You Blake Wright, Making Dallas Colorful.

How Dallas is “seen” in the work of a local artist

We see you Dallas, slowing down (hopefully!) to have a closer look at those colorful billboards around town that playfully call out our city for achievements like “inventing the future”, “embracing your diversity” and “showing some swagger”.

It’s all part of the city’s new destination brand campaign—a rolling effort to celebrate all that today’s Dallas represents. While the initial stage of the campaign highlighted various can-do personalities in our community, these ads tell a different story, celebrating the pillars of the Dallas brand in bold illustrations by local artist Blake Wright.

Wright created and contributed more than 150 hand-drawn illustrations depicting the maverick, can-do spirit and inspired mindset of the people of Dallas. This original artwork recognizes that Dallas is more than a city, it’s a set of shared beliefs in what is important to our culture: our diverse community of people, creative culinary influence, commitment to arts and entertainment, a future-facing innovative audacity, our iconic sports culture, and our trademark Dallas swagger.

In each of the six artworks featured, Wright’s colorful and energetic figures dance, embrace, innovate, create, lead the way and even dunk a basketball. All loud, proud and impossible to ignore. Just like the city itself.

To learn more about the Can-Do campaign artwork visit DallasCanDo.com.