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Fish and Chips

Chef Randy Morgan, of Dallas Fish Market, shows us his take on fish and chips.
By D Magazine |

Fish and Chips

photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Chips: The fries are cut from Idaho potatoes, which are used because they crisp up the best. After they’re fried, the chips are tossed with salt, fresh herbs, and malt vinegar.

Fish: Chef Morgan uses loup de mer-also known as Mediterranean sea bass or branzino-that is flown in daily from Boston. It has better flavor than traditional cod. The fish is cut into 1-inch by 3-inch strips, which are dipped in a batter made of a light-colored beer, flour, honey, and baking soda, and then fried. Beer is used in the batter for texture and flavor, and recalls dishes chef Morgan enjoyed while spending time on Puget Sound.

Cocktail sauce: Chef Morgan’s cocktail sauce includes horseradish, ketchup, chili sauce, black pepper, lemon juice, and brandy.

Malt vinegar: This is a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips.

Caper tartar sauce: This version is made with a house-made aioli, capers, cornichons, sweet pickles, and caper brine.

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