Local model Lynette Walden’s life has taken a turn toward the surreal since we last saw her playing the saxophone on the cover of D last December. She’s spent the last four months living in Paris, modeling for Italian Vogue and Elle, and working with top-notch photographers in England, Africa, Germany and France. She’s had her hair teased and eyes lined more times than she’d probably care to remember since modeling agents Tanya Blair and John Casablancas set up her European fashion stint (which is the kind of tour that pays better in magazine exposure than it does in cash).

In February, Lynette threw up her hands and her hair-curlers and turned down the cover of British Vogue for a trip back to Arlington, Texas, to see her Weimaraner and her mom, who models under the name Carole Kurban. “I think she just needed a little break,” says Ms. Kurban. “She thought the scene over! there was – in her words – too, model-y.”

Lynette, now 20, was giving serious consideration to becoming a veterinarian when Casablancas, a top modeling agent in New York City, offered her one of the! most sought-after positions in the business -a listing in the “Elite” section of his head book and a flat day rate of $2,000. This summer, Lynette will be in the very comfort-able company of Beverly Johnson, Kelly Emberg and Nancy Donahue -models whose faces are familiar sights at newsstands, models who are pulling in more than $300,000 every year.

Upon such an offer, Lynette decided to bypass veterinary medicine and luncheon modeling jobs at Neiman Marcus’ Zodiac Room for another two months in Paris. After that, she’ll move to New York.


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