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Real Estate GUIDE

By D Magazine |

This is the month, by golly, when we hit you where you live. In this, our annual real estate section, you will find no photographs and little artwork. In lo, these many pages, you’ll find not a restaurant to try nor a turquoise leather culotte to buy. We’ve put city magazine fluff aside and decided to give you meat and potatoes. Search your heart well before passing over all these weighty columns of gray. If you’re a homeowner, or if you’d like to be, we’ve some financing tricks to share, gleaned from professionals throughout Dallas. If you’ve mastered the game that far, if you’re reading this from the lawn chair of a well-financed yard, think about a second home. We’re including an update on resort condominiums. And, as long as we’re at it, we think it’s time you knew about Oak Cliff: It’s no longer Dallas’ stepchild. Big things are happening in that forgotten area of our city, where one-third of our population happens to live. And all the horrible tales you’ve heard about Oak Cliff all these years? They’re simply not true.