Jadz’s tree is decorated with a number of ornaments by Roost. “The colors kind of pick up on the color palette in the living room,” she says. photography by Nathan Schroder

A Fort Worth Home For the Holidays

Jadz and Pat Pate celebrate in style in their wonderful abode.

Getting set up on a blind date is tricky business. Getting set up by your boss makes it even trickier. But for Jadz Pate, vice president of creative services at Neiman Marcus, it turned out to be the best thing ever. When she met Pat seven years ago, “I immediately said to myself, ‘What a really great guy. What’s up with this guy?’” she says. After the third date, she knew she was going to marry him.

(clockwise from top right) The Pates refer to their living room as the “music room” because when Pat’s kids come over, impromptu jam sessions occur. The room is home to a custom Oushak designed by Martensen Jones Interiors through Interior Resources, Mattaliano cerused oak slipper chair, pair of midcentury chairs from Dunbar, Billy Baldwin bronze coffee table from Ventry, antique rock obelisks from Donald Embree Antiques, a verdigris vessel from Debris, and drapes and pillows from House of Designs. The Pates found the artwork by Jeri Ledbetter at Craighead Green Gallery. Jadz and Pat Pate built their Fort Worth home two years ago. “We knew what we wanted. We determined exactly what we wanted in this house,” Jadz says. The light-filled entryway features an antique Oushak runner from Interior Resources.

Four years later, she did just that. In the interim, she sold her Dallas home and moved into Pat’s Fort Worth townhouse. The two had talked about building a house, and shortly after tying the knot, they decided to get started. The stars were obviously aligned—they found the lot on the way to the gym. Once they had the dirt, they started on their wish list. “Over wine and a beer, we started drawing out a plan on a napkin,” Jadz says. “We designed our home based on how we love to entertain. We wanted a nice-size house, but we didn’t want unusable spaces. We’re empty nesters.” Builder V Fine Homes turned the plans into a reality.

Jadz and Pat Pate’s home is full of treasures such as the antique legs sculpture they received from friends, the Rex Ray piece in the living room, and an antique tazza from Nick Brock Antiques.

From there, friends Lisa Martensen and Jan Jones of Martensen Jones Interiors came in for design assistance. (Neiman’s has provided an embarrassment of riches for Jadz. Not only did she meet Pat through work, she also met Jones and Martensen there, too.) The result is a stylish and warm home, perfect for parties. Which is lucky, because when Jadz says that the couple likes to entertain, she isn’t kidding. “We have tons of parties—different events. Birthday parties. Engagement parties,” she says. “We always have a dinner party of some sort every month.”

(clockwise from top left) The kitchen is Jadz’s favorite room in the house. “I love when everyone comes over. It’s really fun when people are laughing and enjoying one another here,” she says. Because of her commute, she doesn’t cook much during the week. “Cooking is all about the weekends. My husband has to fend for himself during the week,” she says. The Pates’ cozy den is the perfect place to curl up with a good book. The Lee Collection sofa is from Lee Industries, the custom geometric rug is from Interior Resources, and the drapes are from House of Designs. The Jacques Adnet magazine rack is from John Gregory. The photograph above the fireplace is by Thom Jackson. The Pates love to entertain—Jadz estimates that they have a dinner party of some sort every month. Here, the table is set for eight, but “we have lots of dinner parties for 12. We can open the doors and have this inside-out sensibility,” she says. “It’s kind of romantic.”

It makes sense then that decorating for the holidays is a big deal to the Pates. “Even when we dated, Pat knew I really get into it. He helps in his own way. He’ll play music, pour me a glass of wine, get a fire started. Then we have great banter about what’s going on in our lives, what’s happening with the kids. It’s something fun and romantic that we do.” In the past, Jadz refused to even consider a fake tree, but she had a change of heart after her tree was less merry than brittle last year. New ornaments from Roost make the faux tree pretty fabulous. “The colors kind of pick up on the color palette in the living room. And the icicles that are made out of crystal stones give it some texture,”
she says.

(clockwise from top left) Visitors will never want to leave this elegant guest room. The foot stool is from Donald Embree Antiques, the painting above the bed is by Don Vogel, and the nude sketch is from John Gregory. A masculine guest room that manages to mix feathers and Hermès. A globe collection in the second guest room. Some of the pieces Jadz and Pat have collected over the years. The spa-like guest bathroom.

Ordinarily, Christmas takes heavy scheduling. Jadz hails from Chicago, and it’s important for her to spend Christmas Eve with her family. She normally flies back on Christmas Day, so the day is understandably understated. “We open presents in jeans. We have a fire going. It’s low-key.” This December, however, things will be a little different. “The way it’s falling, we’re going to see my family earlier, so we’re going to be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” she says. She’s looking forward to celebrating her first Christmas at home.
Pat’s family is what brought Jadz to Fort Worth, in a way. She says she loved the city even before she met Pat, but the two talked briefly about living in Dallas. Big D was never in serious contention, though, “because his family is in Fort Worth, and I’m a big family person,” Jadz says. “My husband is an old Fort Worth-family guy. His family is all there—his mom, stepdad, siblings, sons, and daughters-in-law. And to me, it’s all about being around your family.”

Jadz’s bedside table is home to essentials. A goatskin cabinet by Mattaliano holds antique French urns from Nick Brock Antiques and a bust from Debris. The master suite is the perfect retreat for the Pates. The photograph above the bed is by Kendra North. The couple found it at Craighead Green Gallery. The master bedroom features wool carpet from Interior Resources, drapes and pillows from House of Designs, and an antique chair from Nick Brock Antiques.

So what to expect at the Pate family Christmas affair? Music is pretty much a sure thing. “My stepsons are really into music—music is an important factor.” So much so that the Pates refer to their living room as the “piano room” or the “music room.” “When our boys are over, it starts to get rocking with music. Someone picks up a guitar. Someone gets on the piano. It becomes kind of von Trapp here,” she says, laughing.

Styled by Jan Jones, Lisa Martensen, and Shelby Hennessee | Holiday styling by Billy Milner