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Open Houses to Hit in Dallas This Weekend

Visit a modern Frank Welch retreat along the Katy Trail and a '20s Tudor in Oak Lawn's Conservation District.
By Caitlin Clark |

Do you like to home ogle? Do you like driving by houses and thinking to yourself, “I’ve been in there before; the indoor pool was quite appealing.” Do you actually need to find a new home? We’ve got you covered with several eligible dwellings across Dallas.

4012 Buena Vista St | Saturday, 2:15-4:15pm

Shoot2Sell Real Estate Photography

The NeighborhoodUptown

The Price:$975,000

The Appeal: You’ve probably passed this home on Buena Vista. You’ve definitely passed the back of this home on the Katy Trail. But neither vantage point does this updated Frank Welch townhome justice. Pay a visit to the cool contemporary retreat this Saturday to bask in the glow of great modern architecture. Plus, the next time you walk by it on the trail, you’ll know what’s up.

10720 Meadowcliff Ln | Sunday, 1-3pm

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The Neighborhood: Lake Highlands

The Price:$850,000

The Appeal: A lot of homes boast natural light, but this modern home would win the well-lit battle every time. Stop in on Sunday for the many, many incredible views and the massive backyard Jenga set.

2302 Kessler Pkwy | Sunday, 2-4pm

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The NeighborhoodNorth Oak Cliff

The Price: $1,150,000

The Appeal: At this Austin Stone Tudor alongside sprawling Stevens Park, it’s all about the master suite. I mean, it’s also a little bit about the commercial-grade appliance filled kitchen, dual wine captains, and inviting backyard fire pit. But this master bedroom’s numerous French doors open to a private balcony with views of the lot’s lush landscaping. Plus, its “spa bathroom” actually does look a lot like a spa. I stand by my statement.

4303 Rawlins St | Saturday, 1-3pm

The Neighborhood: Oak Lawn

The Price:$1,095,000

The Appeal: Situated in the Conservation District of Perry Heights, this 1925 Tudor has been thoughtfully updated. New features include a built-out attic, an updated kitchen, and a gorgeous backyard pool with an outdoor kitchen, while original details such as millwork, crown molding, and hardwood floors have all been given equal attention.

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