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Dale Hansen Came Prepared to Accept His Lifetime Achievement Award

The Channel 8 broadcaster gets real about the profession.
By Shawn Shinneman |

Last night, Dale Hansen was honored by the Radio Television Digital News Association in Washington D.C. He received the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s a pretty big deal. Hansen has said as much.

Had you been in the crowd last night, knowing Hansen was about to take the podium, having watched his career or at least seen some of the viral clips, you’d probably have anticipated some stirring remarks. Hansen didn’t disappoint.

A selection:

That’s why it offends me, that’s why it disgusts me, when we are referred to as fake news, when we are referred to as the enemy of the American people. We are the people who tell the truth. We report the facts and we expose the lies. Do we make mistakes sometimes? Of course we do. But anyone who is dumb enough to confuse the occasional media mistake with media bias would be dumb enough to confuse today’s weather with climate.

WFAA captured the entirety of the Hansen portion of the ceremony. His speech goes about 13 minutes in all, starting halfway through.

Sports anchor Jonah Javad threw a couple minutes on Twitter, as well, including the above quote:

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