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Colin Allred, Despite What He Says, Is Not ‘Humbled’

Please. Everyone. Words have meaning.
Colin Allred

I don’t live in District 32, so I can’t vote for either Pete Sessions or Colin Allred. If I could, though, I’d vote for Allred. That was my thinking. Sessions falls on his face too much for my taste. There was the recent deal where he placed partial blame on a woman for being murdered by her husband. There was the thing where he was caught taking a sketchy loan. There was the strip club stuff. And, of course, he’s the one who ruined the chances of the Cowboys building their stadium in Dallas. Allred, by contrast, seems like a squared-away guy. And on the big issues of our time, his positions align more with mine. Like I said, that was my thinking.

I learned today that there is one enormous and huge and super important issue on which Colin Allred and I do NOT see eye to eye. I am talking, of course, about the meaning of the word “humbled.”

News came out yesterday that the Sessions-Allred race has shifted. Sessions has been in the lead, but now, apparently, it is a “toss-up.” And what was Allred’s response? From the Morning News: “Allred said he was ‘humbled’ by the change.”

If you’ve spent any time on this blog, you know how I feel about this issue. THAT IS NOT WHAT “HUMBLED” MEANS! Steve Blow, Robert Edsel, Mike Devlin, Jay Caruso, to name a few — these are all folks who’ve faced my wrath for misusing the word “humbled.” Now Allred joins their ranks.

Allred is not humbled. If a new poll had come out that showed Sessions was a 40-point favorite in the race and that even Allred’s own wife planned to vote for Sessions, then Allred would be humbled. If Allred hopped on a Bird scooter and crashed it into Councilman Philip Kingston’s yellow Lotus, that would be humbling. As things stand, though, the underdog has apparently drawn even with his opponent. So Allred must feel emboldened. I bet he’s proud of his campaign staff. He might be astonished at how well he’s doing. But I don’t see how he’d be humbled by this news.

And for that reason, I will now have to cast my illegal vote in the District 32 race for Brett Shipp, a man who knows what “humbled” means.