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Steve Blow Is a Little Confused About What ‘Humble’ Means

Hard to believe he's been writing that column for so long.
By Tim Rogers |
A young Blow

You know this is my pet peeve. Mike Devlin over at Channel 8 knows it’s my pet peeve. Well, add Steve Blow to the list of people who misuse the word “humble.” Blow writes today about the 25th anniversary of his column in the Morning News. He says, “I’m humbled that enough of you have stuck around to keep this endeavor going for 25 years.” Now, I’ve met Steve Blow. He actually is a humble guy. But having one of the most high-profile jobs at a large metropolitan newspaper for 25 years is the opposite of humbling. If Blow were to get fired for writing columns that only Sheffie Kadane could enjoy and then have to go work at the Flip Flop Shops at the Galleria to make ends meet — that would be humbling.

Until that happens, he should be proud of his accomplishment. Twenty-five years of that column is quite something.