Pete Sessions Got Favorable $1 Million Loan

The Dallas Republican and three other members of Congress are under investigation for the favorable rates they received from the notorious Countrywide Financial Corp., the sub-prime loan factory. His spokesperson says he didn’t know he received below-market rates. That makes sense. Who bothers to check the interest rate on a million dollar loan?

But maybe it’s understandable. After all, there is some confusion about which loan is under the microscope:

[Sessions’s spokesperson Torrie] Miller said Sessions received a $1 million loan in 2007 for his Texas home, but does not know whether that’s the loan under investigation.

So exactly how many $1 million loans does Sessions have? Just for the record, in 2011 the salary of a member of Congress was $174,000.

Tea Party, where are you when we need you?


  • Eric

    ‘There is one party in America today – the party of corruption and big government. The democrats are the extreme wing and the republicans are the moderate wing’

  • Oh that crazy Pete!

  • Borborygmus

    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    Stayin’ true to the rich
    Does keep me in $pinach
    I’m Petie the fiscal man.

    I may seem oblivious
    And somewhat lascivious
    In recent gaffes that I’ve made.
    But I’m willin’ to hollar
    To $(zero zero) 8 an hour
    “Live within means — take no aid.”

    Why explain any more than that?
    Forget that I live pretty fat
    On public benefits and corporate digs.
    And don’t mind my small role before
    Selling oversight like a corporate whore
    Regardless of party we’re just pigs.

    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    I’m Petie the fiscal man,
    Stayin’ true to the rich
    Does keep me in $pinach
    I’m Petie the fiscal man.

  • Sport

    Who worries about mortgage interest rates when we might be attacked by Turkey at any moment.

  • JS

    Pete Sessions is the representative for my area. I am a republican. I would vote for a bag of warm dogsh!t if it ran against Pete Sessions.

  • Long Memory

    Admit it, fellow constituents of Rep. Sessions: When it was announced that members of Congress had received sweetheart loans from Countrywide you just flat KNEW that his name was gonna turn up on the list. This is a guy who apparently takes his hands out of his pockets only to extend his palm.

  • ll

    He appears to be much more sleazy than poor EBJ who didn’t even take the money for herself but steered it into scholarships — yet there is so much more outrage over her actions. If I didn’t know better I would say it is racist.

  • In the spring of 1911, I noticed that Pete’s filed financial statement showed a net worth that was a million bucks higher than for the previous year. Couldn’t be this loan because it would be offset by a $1 million liability. Wonder why I don’t find this story in the DMN. Where did you get the info, Wick?

  • JS…LMAO……I have three dogs and am a very giving person.

  • Sport

    @Long Memory……… or to j**k off. The fools just keep voting for him.

  • Ben

    Now I know why Pete Sessions voted for TARP. Makes perfect sense. I could never figure out why in the world a congressman that represents Lakewood, Park Cities and part of Oak Cliff would think that TARP would be a good thing for his district. His district got nothing from TARP. His district shouldered the burden of bailing everyone else out of the hole they dug for themselves. Immune from foreclosures, second homes and credit default swaps in his district, Pete Sessions should have taken the high road like Jeb Hensarling and voted NO. Now we know why he voted yes.

  • Tom

    Pete doesn’t care. He just sends more thank-you cards to Tom DeLay and Rick Perry for setting him up with his sweet gerrymandered district. So long as he’s got an R next to his name on the ballot, he can’t lose.
    This is why the Texas voting district battle that was heard last week in the Supreme Court is important. Don’t let AG Greg Abbott convince you otherwise.

  • Wick Allison

    @ Mike Engleman. There are these little doohickies in the stories that link you to the sources. They are underlined in blue. Click on them.

  • Just checking, Wick. Just wanted to know of the DPublisher knows anything more than how to count beans.

  • The best part of my Congressman is that he hasn’t had a town hall meeting in his district for over a year.

    Of the flip side now that he getting a divorce he’ll stop bragging about how he doesn’t have “Guvmint Health Care” since he’ll lose his wife coverage as an AT&T executive.

  • Long Memory

    Now, Grumpy, I’m not certain that that’s true. Two or three times a year I arrive home late from work and find a phone message that says Pete’s having a town hall meetin’ — right then, on the phone, pick up your phone and join right in. Because I always vote Democrat, pardon me for being suspicious that my Republican friends are getting a little more notice about the meeting than I am.