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Roll Call

Roll Call: Education Stories of Note 6.10.14

Principals need help, says shocking new study

1. Tim Rogers says pretty much everything I want to say about the Keller ISD mess.

2. McKinney ISD students to get sweet laptops. One of the concerns addressed is making sure the teachers know how to use the machines, which reminds me of the first one minute of this Southpark clip, to which I will link but not embed because SO NSFW. (Also, quick tangent: Listened to a guy give a speech last year where he talked about how half the free computers sent to his overseas teachers/classrooms went unopened, because the teachers were afraid to look ignorant in front of their kids. Bonus info!)

3. The Bush Institute says principals need better support. In related shocking news, teachers are underpaid, you shouldn’t take education advice from comedians, and you probably shouldn’t take sex-ed from George Will.