Strife on the Set of D: The Broadcast?

Every Wednesday on The Broadcast, they do a segment called “Suzie Says So,” wherein Suzie Humphreys answers a question posed by a viewer. I heard from someone who saw today’s segment that Pat Smith and Suzie really got into it and that Suzie walked off the set. Then, after a commercial break, the ladies explained that Suzie wasn’t there because she had a speaking engagement in Midland that she had to get to. Mmm, delicious.

Watch the video. You can definitely tell that Pat and Suzie weren’t getting along this morning. The strange part is that Pat was agreeing with Suzie — yet they still got into a tiff. At one point, Suzie stops participating in the segment, and, yes, it kinda does look like she walked off. The segment was over, but the station hadn’t cut to commercial yet.

Before I got a chance to see the video, I reached Suzie in her car. She was laughing about the whole thing and said that she did indeed have a gig in Midland. It will force her to miss the show tomorrow, she said.

“I don’t think we both even realized what was happening,” Suzie said. “We were suddenly combative. And not combative like ugly, but Pat was headed in one direction, and I was headed in the other. It just went — I can’t explain it to you. It’s just two women getting together with different viewpoints, which is what the show is supposed to be about. I love this woman. She’s a fabulous woman.”

As I said, she was laughing as she told me this. But our Nancy Nichols, who DVRs the show and watches it at night, says that she has detected a building tension between Pat and Suzie. Is this tension genuine? Or is it just something I’m exaggerating for the purposes of this post, in which I will remind you that you can watch the show at 9 a.m. and again tell you that for U-Verse, DirecTV, and Dish customers, it’s on Channel 47; on Time Warner, it’s Channel 24; on Verizon it’s Channel 18; and Charter is 22? That, you’ll have to decide for yourself.


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  • mdunlap1


  • Dr. Schphincter

    As Joe Namath says, “Strug-gl-ing.”

  • Lew Patton

    Tim, give Suzie a break, she’s 75 years old…..

  • Dan Koller

    If Suzie leaves the show, can I audition to replace her?

  • John

    Who the hell are these people? Clearly this show is a joke, yes?

  • Yvonne Crum

    I have a strong feeling about this as I have never understood that you can take money from an employer and not give 100% back to them.. basically it’s like stealing…. i was a F/A for 46 years and could never understand when the Crew would take their hate of the company out on the Passengers who had nothing to do with what the employee perceived the company had done them.. it was just wrong.. and it unfortunately got the Airline a bad reputation for SERVICE….. THIS IS MY OPINION.

  • Christine Alloy

    I think the answer to the question was good from both Susie and Pat! They will be peaches and cream this morning! Susie is going to tell it like it is and there is nothing wrong with that!

  • SkyMasterson

    This is a real show and people actually watch this? Ok…

  • Karl

    Hey Yvonne – you just stole 30 seconds of my life!!

  • jan


  • Kristen

    I think that was unprofessional on Suzie’s part. If there are personality conflicts going on behind the scenes, leave them there. Pat was bringing up a valid point, and Suzie just went off the rails.

  • Sharon K

    You’re seriously interested in this drivel? Mmm-k….

  • TenaciousDD

    I watched the show at home and I didn’t see the big disagreement?? Suzie just looked like she was in a mood today, however, not that upset about their difference in opinions. I think she show is great and I am loving it!

  • Cleta Smith

    Spoken like a man!

  • Singsong

    Sorry but I am so glad SH is gone. The show was unwatchable with her. She is so combative and bumbling. But she was such a hypocrite, one minute saying “be kind, lift each other up” then two minutes later snapping at one of her costars because they didn’t kiss her be-hind. It was horrific.