D Magazine Partners Sues Local Moving Company for Trademark Infringement

If you’ve seen a moving van running around town with a white “D” in a red square and thought to yourself, Huh, I didn’t know D Magazine had a moving service, then you’ll understand why we’re suing D Moving, of Allen, Texas, for trademark infringement. And lest you think this was an honest mistake made by D Moving’s owner, Edwin Bedford, know that he was previously sued for trademark infringement by Major League Baseball because he ran a moving service called Major League Moving (a default judgment was entered against him in that case in 2008). You can read more about our case on Bloomberg (scroll down).movers


  • LogoWars

    I don’t see what the fuss is about…

    They’re completely different. One is a “D” in a red square. The other is the same “D” in a red rectangle.

    No similarity at all.

    (sarcasm filter off)

  • Chris Chris

    I guess I have to shelve my idea for D’s Nuts.

  • Fawcett

    Agree…I don’t seem any similarities.

  • JS

    I just assumed that D gained so much experience moving into its new offices that it decided to branch out into a new space. I would have been disappointed, though, to book D Movers and not have had Tim, Zac, and Wick show up to cart my stuff to the truck!

  • Robb

    I guess the “D” coupled with “Dallas’ Best Movers” is a little much.

    They may as well put a sign on the back of the truck that says “Go to our website and vote for the 10 Best Drivers.”

    On another note, I wonder if they are complaining about your lawsuit on their blog: http://www.frontmover.com?

  • JB

    Are they a big moving Co. with lots of trucks? Tell them you’ll drop the lawsuit (you’ll surely win) if they provide free REAL D Magazine advertising on the sides of their trucks.

  • DGirl

    That guy’s a total D bag.

  • Bill Marvel

    I’ve often found D a moving experience.

  • ernest t bass

    I called and the guy said, “D Movers, this is Wick.”

  • I could have swore I saw Adam McGill driving one of those trucks and looking ultra butch.

  • UC

    At least he didn’t come up with “D” Wipe, red toilet paper with a big “D” on each square.

  • Andy G

    I use similar branding in my “D Man In Bed” logo above my headboard. Will I be sued? Based on the feedback from my wife over the last decade I probably should be.

  • William Pollock

    Glad to see that management actually initiated action against Bedford after I informed Mr. Rogers of Bedford’s blatant trademark infringement. As for actual recovery of any damages, good luck. I will go to my grave without recovering a penny Bedford stole from me when he failed to honor a $4950.00 BINDING contract,signed and agreed to between himself doing business as Associated Capital Services, Inc. and Moo-ving.com and myself for a interstate move of my household goods from Dallas to Pennsylvania in November of 2009.I was awarded a judgement by the Honorable Ken Mohlberg of the 95th District Court in Dallas but have yet to recover one cent. And yet, Bedford continues to operate various moving companies in and around Dallas County with no fear of being held accountable. It should also be noted that the graphics used by Bedford are generated by his cohort, Joe/Joseph Cota, resident of Garland, Texas and owner of Simplex Web Design.
    One would think Bedford’s activities would be worthy of investigation by Dallas’ major news networks but not one felt the story important enough to pursue when I provided information regarding Bedford. Last, if anyone has had there goods stolen by Bedford after refusing to pay additional money he demands once he has taken possession of those goods, you might want to seek legal action to force Lone Star Self Storage in Allen, Texas to disclose if Bedford currently has any units rented in the name of Major League Movers/Moving. With the permission of onsite manager Debra Shayna,it was there that Bedford illegally offloaded my entire household contents into unit 102 on November 03, 2009 without being requested to provide written or verbal confirmation that he had been authorized by me to do so. And yet I was required by Lone Star Self Storage to pay $270.00 to access the unit after Bedford had been ordered by Judge Mohlberg to disclose and immediately return the goods he had illegally placed there.

  • The crazy part of this story to me is that anyone would think they could get away with it.

  • JD

    I was recently scammed by this company! Took money and never showed for move.

    He uses Alias company names:

    His company address is his actual house in Allen, TX. 801 Sandy Creek Dr, 75002

    Contact your local authorities if you have been a victim of this company.

  • Chuck

    And, the BBB logo on their site leads to “This business is not a BBBOnLine participant at this time.”. Naughty, naughty.

  • David Taylor

    After reading the article & comments I went to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website to look myself. I found D Moving was given a trademark legally by the United States Government. The D Moving trademark was issued on 06-22,2010. It seems that it was published in a public publication where anyone including D Magazine had the right of 30 days to appeal the issuance of the trademark and D Magazine failed to file an appeal therefore the Government issued the trademark. Here is the link to the trademark:


    Researching the owner of the D Moving trademark is a corporation not Bedford. It seems Bedford is only an employee and not a corporate officer. Bedford resides in Texas but the corporation is in Nevada. Bedford seems to be taking the heat for the company he works for. I don’t think it’s fair to judge Bedford for the actions of a company it seems he works for.

  • DM

    David Taylor…Seriously? You didn’t do your research. Bedford registered all the above-mentioned businesses. According to Collin County he is the owner of the businesses. Bedford, I can assure you, is the scammer. The “corporation” in Nevada–Associated Capital Services–only forms corporations. They don’t own them. Give them a call, and you’ll find out for yourself.

    Mr. Pollock–I’m so sorry that, not only did Bedford scam you–but that you haven’t been able to recover your money.

  • debra shayna

    First of all I had notrhing to do with the contents of the storage. We who manage storage facilitys have no knowledge of what’s stored in the units . The person who rent’s the unit is the only one who know’s. Also we have no knowledge if the contents are being stored for the mover or person hee is moving. Alot of moving companys rent storage units for their clients , we have no proof of ownership for the contents. When a unit is given to another person papers are signed with both partys there and the bill becomes the bill of the person taking over the unit.

  • Bonnie Henderson

    He is a loser! Screws everyone over he touches. Look at Rip Off Report.com Type in Eddie Bedford, Edwin Bedford, Moo-Ving, d moving, Major League Moving, Exotic Packing. Maybe after that you can get a feel of the Jerk David Taylor. Hes also a dead beat dad. I know, I have a child by him that he doesnt even know what they look like because hes so ate up with himself he dont have time. He’s disabled for life right now, he claims from the last time I took him through the attornety generals office by a chiropractor. Now we all know this is a ploy to screw another person that reputably works an honest living out of their money. He is scum

  • William Pollock

    My wish is that as I write this, Edwin Bedford and his many alias names are no longer causing grief to any individual by offering bogus moving services.

    I found it amusing to read Debra Shayna’s explanation regarding the storage facility having no responsibility in verifying that a moving company has written or verbal consent to offload personal belongings into storage, at least at her facility. When I was trying to locate where Bedford had offloaded my goods based on a demand email for additional money he had sent me I visited several facilities in the area including Public Storage. Managers on duty at multiple locations said it was company policy to either have the owner of the goods be present when the storage unit was being leased or to provide a faxed copy of identification independently of any identification the moving company might present to verify that the company does indeed have authorization to offload belongings into storage.

    When I arrived at Lone Star Self Storage in Allen, Texas the day Bedford was ordered by Judge Mohlberg to disclose the location where he had illegally offloaded my belongings, I explained to the manager on duty that I was there to secure my personal household goods which Bedford had illegally offloaded there. She stated that I would only be able to do so only after signing lease documents which transferred financial responsibility of charges to me even though I presented her with the signed court order finding Bedford guilty of ” Holding Household Goods Hostage” and ordering him to release them immediately. I signed the documents but noted on them that I was doing so under protest. AND BEDFORD WAS NOT PRESENT WHEN I ARRIVED. I was also told by the manager on duty that Bedford and Mrs. Shayna were good friends and that Bedford was a good customer who regularly brought goods to be placed into storage at their location. There was even a advertisement prominently displayed on the office counter for Major League Moving, a Bedford company which used a logo deemed similar to that of Major League Baseball and which resulted in Bedford being successfully sued for copyright infringement by Major League Baseball.

    So while it may be Lone Star’s, and apparently other storage facilities known by Mrs. Shayna policy to rent a storage unit(s) to a moving company without any proof of ownership or authorization for storage for goods being offloaded, I find it somewhat bewildering that Public Storage has a policy that states just the opposite. Heaven help you if you have recently become a victim to Bedford’s scam as I did but if you have and are missing household goods you might want to start your search at Lone Star Self Storage in Allen, Texas.

    And Mrs. Henderson, I can only apologize for circumstances. I have no doubt most, if not all, of the money Bedford acquires form operating his scam businesses goes towards supporting the lifestyle of his girlfriend who was driving the white Mercedes parked at 801 Sandy Creek Dr. Allen, Texas 75002 on or about November 5 through at least November 23, 2009. That is, if she is still naive enough to associate with such a thief.

    William Pollock

  • Bonnie Henderson Burk

    Thank You Mr. Pollock,

    Just an update….. I am now in the process of suing Edwin for 13K plus in child support arrears and 9K in medical for his daughter he doesnt support. He now owns a business Dallas Linehaul & LTL Freight Carriers US DOT 2270504. 214-383-5600 . He also has a moving company Dallas Best Movers? And you are right, he changes names of his companies like underwear. Only a fraudulent person with ethics of a prisoner does this because he has such a reputable business?? Anyhow, I know a lot of people have been wronged by this coward and I also know that it will catch up to him at some point. I do believe that day is closing in.