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Leading Off (4/20/09)


1. Guess who isn’t as rich as they used to be? Local rich folks. Well, except for the Hunts and Tim Headington; they cashed out at the right time. In related news: I found a $20 in a jacket I haven’t worn in a long time, so I think I can eat lunch this week.

2. GM is cutting 1,600 jobs in the next few days, which might impact workers at its Arlington plant. And even that probably won’t stop the automaker from going into Chapter 11 to try to reverse its decline. The only good news for GM? My car — with its window held together with packing tape and an old picture frame, the windshield smashed in two places, the engine that sounds like a five-pack-a-day smoker climbing stairs, and the interior that looks like I live in there full-time — is not made by GM.

3. And finally, if you’re feeling bummed out by the GM news, or maybe you’re one of those rich people who have been kicked in the jeans, read this Steve Blow column. Oh, it’s not about the global economic crisis. It’s about losing something more precious than money: corny, archaic sayings.