Staubach ‘Pained’ Writing Cowboys Check

While the poor economy was on everybody’s minds at yesterday’s media bash for the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee in Fort Worth, early signs for the February 2011 game are encouraging. Committee President and CEO Bill Lively says no fewer than nine outfits have ponied up for $1 million “founding” sponsorships so far, including Fluor, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Hillwood Development. Even so, committee chairman Roger Staubach couldn’t ignore the downturn’s pinch, recalling how he’d recently written a “big check” for his swanky digs at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington. “It was painful,” he joked onstage at the Fort Worth Club. Sitting nearby, ‘Boys owner Jerry Jones said that he would frame the check. “Does that mean,” Roger shot back, “that you won’t cash it?!”


  • Grammar Police

    Rich people are so funny. It must be fun to live in their bubble, where a million of their dollars is equal to about 250 of ours.
    Maybe Jerry and Roger can rent out their stadium suites to foreclosed homeowners, in return for cleaning the stadium before and after events.
    At least Jerry has grounded the private jet. The same can’t be said for this guy.

  • jrp

    ben and skin were saying yesterday that Mr. Staubach said the check he cut for his seats at the new stadium was for more than he made during his entire Cowboys career

    guess i won’t be going to too many games out there without first taking out a second mortgage

  • SB

    I bought season tickets in the upper deck for $590 with no PSL. Ten games at $59 a piece isn’t outrageous.

  • Wow, in a craphole economy and following the stories about PSLs and tickets for the new stadium being far too expensive, Jerry sure does know how to quell a storm.

    Public Relations: Ur doin it rong

  • jrp

    nice, SB, that ain’t bad at all

    and if you have an extra for the Eagles game, i’d be happy to come and let you and your friends spending all day Sunday telling me what a piece of shit me and my team are…

  • SB

    @ jrp

    From my past experiences, it’s been the Eagles fans who are aptly skilled at turning an expletive-filled phrase.