Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern Opens Today. 5 Things You Should Know Before You Go.

Zoli's traditional white pie with ricotta cheese and garlic slices (photography by Kyle Pennington)
Zoli’s traditional white pie with ricotta cheese and garlic slices (photography by Kyle Pennington)

Today’s the day, Zoli’s fans. Hot grandmas are coming to town at 5 p.m. (If you think hot grandmas are actually people, you clearly aren’t one of the 1,439 folks who like the Facebook page for Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern.) Back in February, we told you that Jay Jerrier was opening a pizza place for “people who hate Cane Rosso.” Well, it’s official. Jerrier is the smartest cookie in town. He’s dominated the Neopolitan pizza scene in Dallas, and now he’s bringing us old school New York slices to Oak Cliff. His new restaurant, which took over the old BEE Enchilada space, is going to be packed like sardines in about 6 hours. It’s going to be insane.

So, before you head over and take 20 minutes to order because you’re an indecisive person, do us all a favor and consider these five things before you hold up the line. Really. It’s worth reading this guide. Save time and your babymaker from getting punched by some wild-eyed, pizza-crazy guy who has liked every. single. Facebook. photo. of. Zoli’s.

You know who you are.

Where the line starts (left); Dino and a grandma pizza (right)
Where the line starts (left); Dino and a grandma pizza (right)
Menu board
Menu board


1. How to order

It works like Torchy’s. You go in and order at the counter, get a little number card with a photo of Jay Jerrier’s dog on it, secure a table, and then someone will bring out your pies. “It’s my first time with fast casual,” says Jerrier. “We really want this to be a slice joint.”

A hot cheesy grandma
A hot cheesy grandma

2. What to order

Obviously, start with pizza. If you don’t, you’re a total dingdong. The grandmas are Jerrier’s favorite. “They’re a game-changer,” he says. No one else in Dallas makes these crispy-on-the-bottom, pillowy-on-top pizzas. Maybe in the suburbs, but not in Dallas. The edges of these pies are caramelized and they’re topped off with tangy, salty, tomato-y perfection.

The Sicilian pizzas are covered in mozzarella and Sicilian sauce, and made by sealing up the dough in a trash bag to ensure a perfect pie crust. The traditional NY style slices are easy to pick up with one hand, as proven by my friend and pizza partner, Bradford Pearson.

Sidenote: Brad is from New York. He eats a lot of pizza. As soon as he ate a slice of Zoli’s white pie (ricotta cheese, pepper, shaved garlic slices), he said, “I’m jealous of that pizza.” Or something like that. Now, Brad is a fine-looking fella with above-average smarts. For him to envy Zoli’s pizza… that’s kind of a big deal.

The meatball parm (left); zucchini fries with house-made jalapeno ranch sauce (right)
The meatball parm (left); zucchini fries with house-made jalapeno ranch sauce (right)
Tiramisu cake
Tiramisu cake

3. What to order (besides pizza)

Definitely go for one of the sandwiches. I’d choose the meatball parm, if I were you. The meatballs – which execuchef Dino makes from pork, veal, beef, and pancetta – are light-colored and huge. Jerrier gets the sandwich bread from La France Bakery, and the rolls are always served with  slightly charred edges. A side of zucchini fries come with every sandwich. Dip ’em into the house-made jalapeno ranch sauce and you’re gold. You’ll be happy the rest of the day if you order a slice of tiramisu cake, too. 100% guaranteed.

The buddy board
The buddy board

4. Buy a buddy a slice

The fun thing about Zoli’s is that you can walk in and eat a free slice of pizza. So far, you have to be either Tim Rogers, Troy Aikman, or Chuck Norris to do that. If you buy your friends some pizza, though, their names can end up on that Wall of Fame, too.

Jay Jerrier (owner), Dino Santonicola (executive chef), Megan Dennison (operations), Mat Reddick (food manager at Zoli's), Britt Chapman (GM)
Jay Jerrier (owner), Dino Santonicola (executive chef), Megan Dennison (operations), Mat Reddick (food manager at Zoli’s), Britt Chapman (GM)
Jay Jerrier's dog, Zoli
Jay Jerrier’s dog, Zoli

5. Extra tidbits and background info

  • Zoli’s is the name of Jerrier’s first dog. 
  • The unicorn head on the wall is an inside joke. People like to ask Jerrier what his secret ingredient is. He tells them unicorn tears. Hence, the weird decoration.
  • The patio outside is nice and shady.  It’s right underneath a tree. There will be no live music. Jerrier says he’s too old for that.
  • Zoli’s is only open from 5 to 10 p.m. this week. Hours will expand later.
  • “We’re not doing anything gluten-free. Let us get the regular pizza right first,” says Jerrier. “I’m afraid we’re going to run out of stuff  ’cause it’s not a big space. But I think it’s going to be fun. More fun than Cane Rosso.”



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  • Tim Rogers

    At NorthPark last year, Gordon Keith pulled my name from the angel tree. He’s been buying me meals at various restaurants across town ever since.

  • Marcus

    98% sure that the unicorn tears are collected from the animal Dino and Jay stole from the SW section of Tom Hick’s house while posing as potential home buyers. The unicorn drinks from the White Rock Cane fountain at night, after the kids have destroyed it.

  • Barry Kooda

    Sounds doable.
    Let’s eat!

  • Lydia Moreno

    Can not wait to try this new place out with Amber Herrera:)

  • Lydia Moreno

    Cant wait to try this place out with my pizza lover friend Amber Herrera!

  • canerosso

    Hello All – well tonight was a disaster. 5 minutes before we opened, our computer system crashed. The reboot caused chaos with the ordering process. Because of this, along with new staff, and large crowds we made the decision to shut things down early. We’re retooling things tonight to get the systems fixed and the menu streamlined. We’ll open at 5pm on Wednesday. We apologize for any inconvenience or problems this caused for everyone!

  • Kent

    No worries Jay. Take your time. We’re very neighborly down in these parts. Can’t wait to taste!!! Damn technology anyway. (I’m a web developer.) LOL

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