Let’s Play: Three Degrees of Dean Fearing

Last night, Amy Severson couldn’t sleep. She turned on the light, grabbed a pen and paper, and started doodling.

First, a few things to disclose. I talked to Dean Fearing’s about this endeavor because my memory isn’t what it used to be. Second, when you see “Sfuzzi,” it refers to the original, not the current (for the youngsters in the audience). Third, I know there are bound to be errors, too bad. This was the best I could do at 3:30 in the morning. Fourth, I have tried to update locations, but some are questionable, thus the “?”

Remember this chart is the first draft of a larger project. Looking forward to adding more names and connections.


  • Twinwillow

    I’m dizzy, now.

  • Kirk

    Teresa Gubbins.

  • I’m proud to say that I belong in the chunk with Barker, Chamberlain, Sevy, Buzzy, Fell, Warder and Mackay.

  • Anne

    If you mention the Seelbach, do you also want to mention Hasenour’s (sp?) in Louisville where Dean’s brother was chef? R.I.P. Hasenour’s.

  • Amy S

    1st degree IS Dean. 2nd degree, those who worked with him at some point (pre-Fearings at the Ritz). 3rd degree, other chefs/restaurants affiliated with 2nd degree.

    I have left off two connections (blurry vision). Amador Mora should be connected to Dean for all his years at the Mansion. And Lisa Smith and Jim Severson should be connected via “Dakota’s”, she was the opening executive chef there in 1986 when he was hired.

  • Jenny

    No David Holben? HAve they not worked together?

  • Amy S

    @Jenny – I bet there is a connection, I just couldn’t find it. I claim Brain Deadedness.

    You could link most of these guys to Stephan Pyles, too. It would probably be as impressive a lineup.

  • Or the Fairmont downtown!

  • B

    How about Ron Rosenbaum now in Chicago at The Casino Club

  • Most important chef in the history of Dallas?

  • Hi Snooty! At this point in time, I would give most important chef in Dallas honors to Jean LaFont. Developing that story now.

  • Twinwillow

    I agree about giving Chef Jean LaFont his long over due and, well deserved acclaim.

  • Luis

    Honestly. Very unimpressive tree

  • Chad

    You also left out the awesome Kelly Hightower and Blythe Beck!!!!

  • andy nichols

    what about Larry Doyle chef and GM of Anzu which led to shuji at shinsei (japanese elvis) which Dean Freequented when I bartended there and now I (Anzu) and Chris of (Nakamoto) are the bartenders at Neighborhood Services “The Original”

  • primi timpano

    There must be better ways to relax and get back to sleep.

  • Annette

    Justin Beam worked with Dean at Fearing’s and now works with Tre Wilcox at Marquee as the GM!

  • Annette

    Which in turn connects Dean to Tom Colicchio (through not only Justin Beam, but Casey and Tre as well!)

  • Amy S

    Well, I see it kept some of you up as well.

    Anzu, still to this day, is one of my all time favorite restaurants. Designed by Paul Draper, I remember him telling the story of spending several evenings hanging all those origami cranes from the ceiling. Every time I saw them I thought the same thing, “Gad – who has to dust all those!” The food was stellar, I remember a mushroom pot sticker, delicious.

    Kelly was on my original drawing and I confess I must have lost him when I redid this for the umpteenth time (spacing issues). I didn’t know about Blythe. I’m adding these to the original as the comments come in. And Larry Doyle. And Justin.

    Thank you for your contributions, this is going to need a second sheet of paper!

  • Robert

    Ah…But how is Dean conneted to Kevin Bacon?

  • it’s ed

    Dean Fearing worked with Casey Thompson.

    Casey Thompson was on Top Chef.

    Natalie Portman was a guest judge on Top Chef.

    Natalie Portman was in “Mars Attacks” with Jack Nicholson.

    Jack Nicholson starred in “A few Good Men” with Kevin Bacon.


  • Kevin Bacon

    “Ah…But how is Dean conneted to Kevin Bacon?”

    In the butt?

  • andy nichols

    Amy thanks for remembering Anzu as a great place. I worked there for 5 years and loved every minute of it. There is still a few of us Anzu alums working here in dallas.

  • Jean

    I lived Anzu!!! In the la duni space right???? All those wonderful things hanging from the ceiling!!! Great food. Really nice owner and friendly servers. Those were great times.

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