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The Best Cheap(ish) Gifts from Dallas’ Most Extravagant Store

Affordable finds from Forty Five Ten, plus a few ridiculous items—i.e. a stuffed and scented rooster—for good measure.

For some, it doesn’t matter what you get as much as where it came from. And for those, we toured the upscale floors of Forty Five Ten to find the best, most affordable gifts the extravagant store has to offer. Cheap is relative term, of course (thus the “ish”). But when a store’s wares include a $60,000 crystal chandelier, a designer card case for under $300 doesn’t seem so excessive.

As you’ll notice, Forty Five Ten doesn’t sell many of their giftable items online, and anyway, shopping the downtown store in person is quite the experience. Our advice for penny pinchers: grab the most inexpensive glass of Prosecco available, start in the gift-y area under the stairs, then work your way up to the Assouline room where you’ll find tons of coffee table books under $100. Here, our list of little luxuries to look out for on the way, with a few extreme indulgences sprinkled in.

John Derian x Kid Made Modern Decoupage Pegasus Plate

Todd Oldham’s pop art style (and love for Big D) meets Derian’s famous decoupage process. $62

Annie Costello Brown Matisse Earrings

Between the door knocker size and cerulean blue color (the result of oxidizing brass) it’s like artwork for her ears. $207

Pinel Pinel Arcade Trunk

As if owning an arcade game weren’t extraordinary enough, try 60 retro games (Pac-man, et al.) in one calfskin-sided, chrome-trimmed trunk. $35,000

Kid Made Modern House and Robot Craft Kits

Cuter than any of the plastic flotsam found in big-box stores, plus these allow kids to get creative. (You’ll find a huge stock of Kid Made Modern here, including colorful duct tape galore.) $40/$30

Kid Made Modern Giant Crazy Crayon

Large objects are easier for small hands to control. And for little ones, giant anything is super awesome. $8

Mario Luca Giusti White and Clear Goblet

For the couple that hosts boozy dinner parties: acrylic goblets that appear to be crystal. $24

Mario Luca Giusti Milly Tumbler

Again, unbreakable acrylic is key. Curate a collection from rows of tumblers in an array of colors and designs, and give to the young family that uses old Dickey’s cups at the kitchen table. $34

Veuve Clicquot Coffee Table Book

A beautiful history of the ages-old Champagne house. Bottle of bubbly not included (but might make for a nice addition). $85

Dita Von Teese Scandalwood Candle

Consult with a cardiologist before giving to Grandpa—as the candle burns hotter, Dita’s dress disappears, revealing her famously curvy figure beneath. $68

Le Labo Hand Soap, Hand Lotion, and Lip Balm

Fragrances blended onsite start from $180, but the plant-based bath goods are a budget-friendly way to get a dash of the cult favorite. $22/$32/$14

Cult Gaia Beach Tote

The ark bag is a fashion blogger favorite; this portfolio size makes an even bigger statement. $228

Betony Vernon Feather Ring

Form meets function when a piece of jewelry doubles as a duster. Or a nose tickler. The possibilities are endless. $750

Lalique Black Crystal Mouse

Antique collectors keep eyes peeled for pieces by the iconic French glassmaker. Forty Five Ten carries some modern, more curious items such as a $1,650 black crystal gorilla and this teeny weeny mouse. $99

Richard Brendon Reflect Gold Teacup and Saucer

The metallic teacup was designed to reflect the pretty design of the vintage saucer it sits on. $285

Ware of the Dog Felted Banana

Fur parents won’t mind a toy this cute lying around their pad. Knowing that it’s made with natural materials by craftswomen in Nepal is the cherry on top. $14

Ware of the Dog Neon Green Collar

No more losing Mr. Barksdale among the dog park masses. $48

The Queen’s People Oversized Book

Between The Crown on Netflix and the Harry-Meghan nuptials, royals are back in a big way. Here’s a gigantic tome (weighing in at nearly 18 pounds) for true devotees of Her Majesty. $845

By Terry Metallic Eyeshadow Stick Set

Just in time for New Year’s: a collection of shimmery eye colors that stay put well past midnight. $95

Nannette de Gaspé Face Mask

Sure, masks are sold for a few dollars these days, but she can indulge in this high-end waterless version three times—and the packaging is stunning. $120

Nude Envie Lip Liner

The trench coat of nude liners; it goes great with everything. $26

BIDKhome Medium Hourglass

Unexpected, substantial (it’s a foot tall), and actually useful: it will remind dad to get up from his desk every couple hours. $75

Berluti Lighter Sleeve

Considering the luxury brand’s shoes knock around $2,000 (and that’s on the low end), even something as unnecessary as a lighter holder feels like a steal. $200

Celine Card Case

A simple treat for real label lovers. $280

Maria La Rosa Metallic Blue Socks

Socks with sandals are a thing again. A sparkly pair is a good way to get into the trend. $35

Bell’Invito Pucker Card Set

Bespoke cards with saucy embossing might be the only way to get millennials to stray from text messages. Comes in a nice lizard-patterned box. $60

Eric Buterbaugh Scented Coq

Diffusers are all too common. No one will expect to receive a jewelry-adorned stuffed rooster that comes with a fragrance to spray on the feathers. P.S. All coqs died of natural causes. P.P.S. People really buy these—Forty Five Ten has already sold two. $3,800

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