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10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas

Best of the Best Lists: 2014 Year in Review

Who can resist a good listicle? Apparently, no one.
By Jason Heid |

It’s the time of year again when we take a look back at what most tickled the fancies of our readers, and in the case of our content the answer is “best” lists. Magazines are often criticized for being list-centric, but you know why so many magazines lean that way? Because people like to look at lists. Even if it’s just because they want to view our selections and tell us we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, readers continue to come back for more.

These were the most popular listicles on our website in 2014:

1. The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas
Published originally as part of the December 2013 issue of D Magazine, our readers’ selection of the most attractive ladies in the city continued to draw an audience throughout the year. We imagine the reason is self-explanatory.

2. The 10 Most Eligible Men in Dallas
In 2014, we shook up our routine a bit and asked readers to instead pick the top bachelors in the city. The winners were recognized in the December 2014 issue of D, and the article proved an online viral hit, very nearly amassing as many pageviews in its first two weeks online as the lovely ladies mentioned above did in all of this calendar year. Again, the reasons are likely obvious.

3. Best Dallas Suburbs
We all know what a great place North Texas is to live, and we’re just as aware that the secret has gotten out to the rest of the country. Seemingly every day brings an influx of newcomers looking for advice on which neighborhoods will best suit their families’ needs. Our sortable, detailed ranking of the relative qualities of 63 Dallas suburbs is an invaluable resource to them and to anybody looking to make a move.

4. 100 Best Restaurants
Dining out in Dallas is an endlessly satisfying experience because there are so many great options. But that also creates a problem. Namely: there are so many great options. How can a person reasonably be expected to sort through them all to maximize his or her limited budget? Again, the continued popularity of our June 2013 ranking is due to readers who turn to it as an resource — as well as a challenge. At how many of the 100 have you eaten?

5. The 10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas
Each year the editors of D Home scour the city in search of the houses with the greatest curb appeal, and the result (featured in the magazine’s July-August issue) is a deliciously satisfying gallery of real estate daydreams.

6. The 10 Best Lakes to Call Home
Non-news flash: It gets hot around here in the summer. North Texans wisely seek refuge waterside, and (if you can afford it) why not get away every weekend? Our June 2011 recommendations for where to buy a lake house are a great guide.

7. The Best Brunch Spots in Dallas
We have real-time web analytics tools that allow us to see which pages of our site readers are looking at during any given time. Every weekend there’s a spike on our March 2012 article on the top places in town to get your Sunday Funday started.

8. The Best Barbecue in Dallas
Before landing himself a full-time gig with a publication that shall remain nameless, in February 2010 barbecue guru Daniel Vaughn ranked for us the tastiest joints at which to get brisket, ribs, and other smoked delights. Our readers keep coming back for more.

9. The Best Steakhouses in Dallas
You guys sure do you like your big juicy hunks of meat, huh?

10. The 10 Most Stylish People in Dallas
Our StyleSheet fashion photographers, Kristi and Scot Redman, honored local trendsetters who could teach any us to dress better here.

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