Running in Heels – Episode 6: Winners, Losers and Whiners

Forgive me if my details are a bit limited today. I didn’t take notes last night so I’m going on memory here. (By the way, I know the show is on Sundays but I usually don’t get to it until Monday night. Thank God for Tivo!) Anyway…The show begins with Joanna telling the interns they need to “step up their game.” She says that she is the first to arrive and the last to leave each day and it has surprised her that none of the girls have been there at either time. They don’t seem motivated to do extra work or to try and make an impression on them. Thus begins a nasty competition. Disappointingly, Talia didn’t say much this week. She did cry though so that made up for it.

So Ashley takes the initiative and goes in early the next day. She asks Joanna if there is anything she needs help with. Joanna asks her to find out what Christy Turlington has been up to recently because she is coming in that day to meet with her. Ok, easy enough and a great way to get in good with Joanna. Or not. For some insane reason Ashley can’t find anything on the internet about Christy’s latest goings on. Ten minutes before Joanna’s meeting she hands what she found to Joanna – sheet of paper with ONE sentence on it. Joanna says it is “unacceptable.” And I don’t blame her. It was truly ridiculous. Ashley says she’s going to redeem herself but all I can think is, “How do you come back from that?”

In the meantime, Talia is working furiously trying to get Rihanna’s publicist to let her have a red carpet interivew with the star. When the ok finally comes through T thinks it will make Joanna love her forever but when she tells the Executive Editor about it the editor practially rips her a new one for contacting the publictist on her own, something someone at an intern level should never do. It could cause serious problems. Talia’s good mood comes to a screeching halt. I have to say I kept wondering why Talia even thought that would be a coup anyway. I mean, can’t Marie Claire pretty much get an interivew with Rihanna whenver they want, especially if she has something to promote? Think, Talia. Think. And stop parting your hair so far over to the side. It looks like a comb-over or like you’re trying imitate Donald Trump.

But back to the show. Sam, the intern formerly known as my favorite, asks Zoe if she has any ideas on how she can step it up. Zoe suggests Sam go with her to a party that night celebrating Kenneth Cole’s new book, Awearness and write a blog about it to give to Joanna. If she does a good job maybe Joanna will post it on the MC web site. Sam tells the camera she isn’t going to tell Ashley or Talia about the party so they don’t try to get a ticket too. But little Miss I-can’t-keep-my-mouth-shut ends up blurting the whole thing out to both of them which in turn, causes Ashley to fenagle herself a ticket as well. She’s going to write a blog too and may the best blogger win!

Cut to Talia crying about being reprimanded for contacting a publicist on her own. She’s working soooo hard and it’s not enough! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

At the party Ashley impresses us all. She takes care of all the editors, especially the one interviewing Kenneth, by holding her coat, getting drinks, taking notes, etc. Go, Ashley! Sam isn’t doing much of anything except chatting up some guy from her home town. But she says she doesn’t care because she WILL win the battle of the blogs. The next day, after reviewing both blogs, Joanna calls Ashley and Sam in to her office to tell them that Ashley’s was fantastic and will be put up on the web site (you can read it here), and basically that Sam’s sucked. Later when Joanna passes Ashley in the hall she reiterates that her blog was very well done. Back at the intern pad, as Talia and Sam sit at the dining room table together (is that all these girls do – sit at tables together and bitch?), Ashley gets home from work and gloats a bit which really isn’t necessary and it would have shown some class if she hadn’t, but with the battle between the three of them heating up, I’m not surprised. So with that another riveting episode comes to an end.

Is next week the last episode? For some reason I think this show is only six episodes. I have to admit I’m a little sad. The girls are just starting to get crazy enough to be interesting. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find another “reality” show to take its place. I think I’ll Tivo “The Cougar” next. Laura, maybe you and I need to watch that one together. I’m a little scared to watch it alone.


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