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Face of Property Tax

Ryan Chismark, Partner, Meritax Advisors
| |Photography by Bret Redman
Photography by Bret Redman

When the property tax consulting companies Morrison & Head Dallas and Meritax merged, a combined entity representing $50 billion in real estate value was formed. Meritax Advisors has become the new standard in property tax. Led by partners Ryan Chismark, Mark Kline, and Charles Honea, Meritax Advisors is widely regarded as the premier firm in the industry.

“The property tax game has changed,” Chismark says. “There has been a tremendous amount of consolidation of firms in our industry. That said, we are excited about the competition on the horizon and believe we offer a fresh, new perspective and high energy level in what has become an old, tired industry.” 

Meritax has an institutional mindset on an entrepreneurial platform. It caters its business toward institutional-grade clients and communicates with them throughout the process. “Additionally, we operate on a very nimble entrepreneurial platform,” Chismark says. “The thing that truly stands out for us is the communication from our professionals. Most of our employees are between 30 and 45 years old with backgrounds that are nontraditional for our industry. We come from acquisitions, investment sales, leasing, tenant rep, property management, and appraisal. We have leveraged our collective strengths to deliver unmatched value, helping clients achieve their property tax objectives.”

Prior to the merger, Chismark and his team spent a lot of time being introspective about where Meritax could make the greatest impact in the market. “It really came down to our people,” he says. “Shoutout to the team—Paige Daniel, Kelsey Sonnevelt, Jessica Leak, Amber Gibson, Ricky Brown, Matthew Torres, Hannah Mullins, Jeremy Ludwig, Kylie Duven, Devyn Fletcher, Elizabeth Ontiveros, Terri Matthews, Lisa Clements, Sidney Bovee, Nancy Gustafson, Courtney Sogga—you make this thing run!” 

When asked about the future, Chismark says, “Whoever wins the battle for talent wins the war. We believe we’ve solved the talent equation. Now we will scale strategically in the markets of our choosing. Our firm has the access, talent, and influence to shape the property tax landscape for years to come. We have the keys to the kingdom. Buckle up! We are just getting started.” 

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