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What We’re Pinning: Black and White and Beautiful All Over

Just call us Switzerland, 'cause we love being neutral.

I’m not known for being a risk-taker. I order my burgers medium well. I cross at crosswalks. I have no desire to parachute out of a plane. (Although I did bungee jump once while on a trip to New Zealand. Peer pressure is a dangerous thing, friends.)

So you could accuse me of being a little, well, boring with my love of less-is-more color schemes for home design—something you may have noticed our Pinterest boards reflecting of late. I just really believe that a neutral palette is soothing for the soul and makes a great backdrop for eye-catching design pieces. (They’re also fairly dummy-proof.)

But evidently, I’m not the only one who loves a simple black-and-white space, as some of our pins from recent weeks have been our most popular to date. Above is a selection of our most-repinned Pins from the last few days, which show that a lack of color can often be the most visually pleasing choice, whether you’re deciding on a treatment for—from left to right—a living room, a kitchen, a deck, an exterior, or a patio. (What they also show is that nothing goes better with black and white than a little green in the form of foliage. How much does the plant life stand out in these pictures with no other colors to distract the eye?)

If being boring turns out this beautiful, consider us duds.

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