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Cool Kid’s Goods From A Chic Houston Mama



Our picks from Biscuit: 1. Eames block set 2. Rhino bank 3. Neon stars sleep sack 4. Knit baby throw 5. Knit cactus 6. Diamonds temporary tattoo


Despite all the hullabaloo to the contrary, most Dallas-dwellers of my acquaintance have no beef with Houston. So in an attempt to debunk the rivalry; whattya say we show a little Houston mama love today?

The mama in question is one Mrs. Bailey McCarthy, blogger, designer, and founder of the seriously adorable bedding line Biscuit. McCarthy also owns a shop of the same name in Houston’s Upper Kirby District, which serves as command-central for her whimsically-printed duvets, sheets, and shams as well as a cache of pretty home accessories, and a seriously stellar selection of kiddo goods (like those six goodies above.) The best part? In celebration of Biscuit’s one-year anniversary, everything in the shop is 20% off through the end of October. Not planning a trip to Houston in the next three days? You can use the discount online too.

Happy shopping!