AveoMedical’s Use of Technology is a New Model for Geriatric Medicine

AveoMedical is changing how medical care is delivered to seniors in Dallas with its partnership with Presbyterian Village North. Dallas-based AveoMedical established a clinic at the senior leaving community and its staff of traveling doctors will make visits to the facility to provide care needs for the independent living residents at PVN.

The physicians specialize in geriatrics and their presence onsite will allow the residents to schedule appointments at their convenience. The physicians lease rooms at PVN’s wellness clinic and provide care five days a week. Patients will begin with an assessment that educates the physicians on past health events and produces a guide with wellness goals.

“When we learned of AveoMedical, we knew this integrated approach with customized care would be an ideal model to meet the needs of our residents,” said Bryan Cooper, executive director of PVN via release. “They surveyed a third of our independent living residents to discover what they are looking for in regard to their health care experience. They then took those results and incorporated the feedback into how they will run the clinic: from the span of time it is open, to how many days it is open, to how appointments are scheduled and more. It is amazing to see their genuine interest in our residents. We couldn’t be happier with the response and feel privileged to be the first community to apply this innovative approach for providing medical care for seniors.”

Aveo learned that residents wanted a closer connection with their primary care physician, and the onsite and frequent visits can cut costs relative to visits to the hospital. AveoMedical allows residents to schedule appointments and conduct virtual visits with a doctor, and view their health records online.

“Due to advances in medical care, we are seeing people live much longer, resulting in an increased need for the management of chronic disease and preventative care,” said Dr. Jordan Pastorek, medical director for AveoMedical via release. “If their illnesses and risk factors are effectively managed, their quality of life is improved. We are excited to bring care to patients’ doorsteps and provide efficiencies that allow them to spend more time enjoying their personal lives.”


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