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Introducing Our Second Collection of Microfiction From Dallas Authors

It's a thing now.

Hello, my name is Zac Crain and I’m D Magazine‘s fiction editor as well as its best highway driver and resident pedestrian. You may remember me from such collections as this one and, I don’t know, I guess most of the backpage columns that have appeared over the past decade or so. (Interviews with inanimate objects I suppose counts as fiction.)

I’m joking. I mean, I am the best highway driver the earth has ever seen on the open road, but I’m not really a fiction editor, except sort of nominally. I put together last year’s microfiction and this one’s, but I didn’t really do much. I gave the authors the assignment — a story between 200 and 1,000 words, set in Dallas somehow — and that was pretty much it. So I end up looking smart with the least amount of effort required, which is my favorite thing. Usually I just have to stand next to Tim for that.

Some writers returned from last year (Julia Heaberlin, Harry Hunsicker, Brooks Egerton, Merritt Tierce, Kathleen Kent), and they are joined by some names you’ll likely recognize (Ben Fountain, Will Clarke) and others that you should get familiar with (Samantha Mabry, Shay Youngblood). I’m excited for everyone to read these stories.

ALSO, tonight, most of the authors (and myself) will be at the Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff. There will be readings and it maybe will be a little hot, but we’ll all be together so it’s OK. It starts at 7:30. See you there.