This loading dock would work great for boats.


Construction Crew Creates West Nile Haven in Trinity Groves

Ready for a swim?

A work errand took me to Singleton Boulevard this morning, where I happened upon a strange sight. At the loading docks behind the old warehouse used by the Dead White Zombies “theater troupe” there is a good-sized swimming hole — if you enjoy nasty, stagnant wastewater. Or, if you’re a mosquito, it looks like a great spot to raise your larvae.

The water is being pumped from a construction site next door. All the property in question — both the construction site and the swimming hole — is owned by West Dallas Investments, the Trinity Groves development vehicle owned by Butch McGregor, Stuart Fitts, and Phil Romano. I called Romano to ask him about it, and he sounded a bit dismayed. “They’re not supposed to be doing that,” he said. “Let me get on that right now.” His office is right around the corner. I’ll update this post if I hear more. Meanwhile, more pics:

The butt end of the arrow indicates the construction site where a lot of concrete has been poured since this Google pic was taken; the head of the arrow shows where the wastewater pool sits.
It’s like Hurricane Harbor for mosquitoes.
Hey, you hoser!


  • Chris Ullom

    “They’re not supposed to be doing that”
    credit Romano for making a quick and fair assessment of the situation.