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Doug Deason Tries to Protect Texas’ Environment

Take a deep breath. That sensation you feel is the cancer starting in your lungs.

Let’s introduce the characters.

Doug Deason, a Dallasite, is the loinfruit of Darwin Deason, the founder of ACS and a man who, last time I talked to him, enjoyed drinking Kahlua and Diet Coke. Forbes says the elder Deason is worth $1.3 billion. Doug and Darwin donated more than $900,000 in 2016 to help elect Trump and other Republican candidates. Their money was clearly well-spent.

Scott Pruitt is the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Space prevents a full accounting here of all the scandals he’s generated since assuming office. Just know that he created the “Ritz-Carlton moisturizing lotion scandal.” Oh, also, he hates the environment and the protection thereof.

Kathleen Hartnett White was nominated to run the Council on Environmental Quality, but she didn’t get the job because she doesn’t know anything about science. She is buds with Doug Deason.

Michael Honeycutt now leads the EPA’s Science Advisory Board, an important body that guides the agency in how to write regulations. He used to work at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). He also hates the environment and the protection thereof. Though I hasten to point out that he hasn’t generated a single scandal that compares to the Ritz-Carlton moisturizing lotion scandal.

Got ’em all? OK, so Doug had Kathleen draft a list of candidates for Scott’s Science Advisory Board, the top pick for which was Michael. And that leads me to conclude that Doug Deason is trying to protect his home state by sending environment-hating scientists from Texas to the D.C. swamp. He is to be commended.

Guh. You can’t make this stuff up. Politico just published some more details, if you want to be depressed.


  • Kyle Reese

    Tim, you can help cut down on demand for petroleum by riding a bike to work. You just need a closet, gym, or bathroom to change in once you get there.

    • Help me understand your comment. Because I don’t.

      • Kyle Reese

        I’m just saying ride a bike to work.

        • Oh, that’s why I was confused. Because I DO ride a bike to work. Not every day. But I do ride.

          • Kyle Reese

            Cool! Me too.

    • Jim Schermbeck

      How do cut down on demand for industry hacks?

  • Mavdog

    It does not get more “swampy” than Scott Pruitt. Didn’t he get crowned with the title of “swampiest”? Well deserved.
    This man should not be the head of the EPA. The “sooner” he is removed the better for our nation and the better for our air and water.

  • Ed Huff

    Gina McCarthy has an undergraduate degree in anthropology and was the Obama administration pick for EPA administrator during the disastrous Colorado Mine “cleanup” of 2015 which polluted rivers in 3 western states–turning the rivers mustard yellow with slag byproducts- as well as the Navajo nation drinking water . Levels of lead and arsenic in western Colorado’s otherwise scenic rivers are still above norms because the Obama EPA was in a hurry and failed to “understand the engineering complexities” of mine cleanup. (Oddly enough none of the biggest EPA fomented disaster in recent history is detailed in Ms. McCarthy’s WIKI biography.)

    • Mavdog

      Interesting you mention the Gold King Mine situation. Scott Pruitt went to the mine in August, 2017, blasting the previous EPA Administration for “abandoning” the issue. Unfortunately there has not been any action by Pruitt so far. Seems he is “abandoning” the issue.

      There has been action by Pruitt to protect the hard rock mining companies from any financial obligation to clean up the environmental contamination they cause. In November 2017 Pruitt announced that hard rock mining companies would not be required to purchase insurance or post a bond so the financial burden of a cleanup would be their responsibility and not the taxpayers. The previous EPA Administration had issued a regulation that mandated the hard rock mining companies to provide an insurance policy or post a bond.

      • Ed Huff

        Obama’s EPA left New Mexico Utah and Colorado holding the bag to clean up the mess until the Trump administration and Scott Pruitt came to their assistance. Incidentally, one of my siblings is an environmental engineer at a large national laboratory in NM and has only kind words for the Trump administration EPA as opposed to the prior administration. You might actually inform yourself before you post. Their has been negligible gold and silver mining in SW Colorado for over 40+ years.

        • Mavdog

          The Obama Administration paid over $6.25 Million in reimbursements to those affected by the Gold King Mine spill. So far the Trump Administration has paid about $175,000 in reimbursements. That is not in any way “came to their assistance”.
          Notable that you ignore the Pruitt decision to not require insurance or a bond to protect taxpayers from the potential environmental contamination produced by mining companies. I understand why you choose to ignore that fact, but ignoring it does not make it go away.
          As for “inform yourself”, physician heal thyself.

          • Ed Huff

            You have no idea of the scope of the problem left by the Obama administration EPA which is still under investigation and review. As stated earlier, the mining operation in question had been inactive for decades and could not therefore be retroactively “bonded” or “insured”. Your sarcasm is misplaced and not helpful in this case. it would appear that you are annoyed that one of the biggest environmental disasters in the modern history of the 4 corners area of the southwest occurred under the previous administration. Attempting to “gaslight” me and make light of this problem doesn’t alter the ineptitude of the Obama EPA as documented by this occurrence.

          • Mavdog

            I do have an “idea” of the magnitude of the environmental affects of the Gold King Mine spill. That makes the inaction by the Trump Administration even more disturbing. I am not “annoyed that one of the biggest environmental disasters in modern history [wow, sure is a great example of hyperbole there!] of the 4 corners area of the southwest occurred under the previous administration”, for I never denied the “previous administration” culpability. I can and did point out accurately the current administration’s lack of action. If you feel that you are subject to “gaslight” I suggest you look inward, not outward.

            Actually you did not state earlier the Gold King Mine had been inactive for decades, but yes that was the case. The spill was done by an EPA contractor. A similar event happened near the Gold King Mine in 1975 when another deserted mine was being worked on. There are about a half million abandoned hard rock mines in the western US. The problem is the US government is who has to clean them up and insufficient resources are devoted to the problem..

            We can’t go back in time to get the defunct mining companies to obtain insurance or post a bond to make certain their mines are cleaned up, but we can make certain any new mines have that requirement. Unfortunately the Trump Administration and Scott Pruitt wishes to allow the mining companies to not guarantee that protection. That is what this thread is all about, the failure of Pruitt to do his job and the harm it poses for our nation.

          • Ed Huff

            What can you possibly mean by “hard rock” mines? Are you referring to copper, vermiculite, potash, coal, uranium, gold, silver, turquoise? Are you even aware of the scope of the mining industry in North and South America? As far as the industry surveillance experts, I personally know. The current EPA and administration is far better than the previous one, which in its final days produced a mismanaged debacle. .

          • Mavdog

            You don’t understand the term “hard rock mines”?????
            Well, that pretty much sums up your depth of knowledge….(pun intended)
            Thanks for playing.

    • DubiousBrother

      @Ed Huff – All blame for anything wrong in this country jumped from Bush to Trump as nothing bad happened under the Clinton or Obama administrations. You need to understand that all Republicans and/or President Trump voters are ignorant fools that hate the environment and the protection thereof and do not understand and in fact actually deny science.

  • Courtney

    He’s also on the Advisory Board of the fine establishment of Turning Point USA.