Leading Off

Leading Off (10/12/17)

Boy Scouts will let girls join, DPD and DART crack down on synthetic drugs, and more.

Boy Scouts Will Now Let Girls Join. Yesterday Irving-based Boy Scouts of America announced plans to let girls join the Cub Scouts next year and to allow older girls to use the same curriculum as Boy Scouts. Females could become Eagle Scouts as soon as 2019. Of course, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas isn’t super thrilled. Jennifer Bartkowski said Girl Scouts gives girls role models to look up to. And Girl Scouts of the USA has criticized the announcement. But some girls like Makayla Lunday from McKinney are excited about the chance to join Boy Scouts.

DPD and DART Crack Down on K2. This year, there have been 151 arrests at the West End DART station regarding synthetic drugs like K2. In an effort to slow this rate, Dallas Police and DART will meet with Dallas County Community College District law enforcement and the Downtown Safety Patrol every month to try to make rail stations safer. Police Chief U. Renee Hall said DPD officers and DART will talk directly to each other to have “real-time communication relative to incidents going on.” They’ll have access to shared radio communication. She also wants more officers at stations.

Jerry Jones Meets with Cowboys on National Anthem. They met yesterday after practice, and Jones doubled down on his stance that players should stand for the anthem. Players including Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant didn’t comment on the meeting, but Prescott said they “ironed out” things during that time. Cornerback Orlando Scandrick said there are more questions in addition to answers now. Stay tuned.

City Council Settles Lake Fork Water Dispute. Yesterday the City Council unanimously approved a settlement with the Sabine River Authority regarding water the city gets from the Lake Fork reservoir, about 80 miles east. The city’s cost for the water had been increased, and so had customers’ water rates. The new rates for the city will be halved from the current $27 million per year, but the Council will have to decide on new customer rates. Mayor Rawlings called this a “major win” for North Texas.