Leading Off (12/7/15)

Tiny Crowd Turns Out To Support Small-Minded Irving Mayor. It could be worse. Irving could still have the Cowboys.

Police Arrest Two Suspects In Early Morning Robbery At Gunpoint In Oak Lawn. It’s been a rough few months in the Oak Lawn area, with at least a dozen unsolved burglaries and attacks, so this was a bit of good news. The suspects haven’t been tied to any of the previous crimes, at least for now, and police plan to keep up additional patrols. Could be worse. Oak Lawn could get annexed by Irving.

Two More Earthquakes Over the Weekend. A 2.1 on Saturday and a 2.8 on Sunday. Guess where? Come on. Guess. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “Irving.”

Wes Matthews Ties Mavs Record With 10 3-Pointers. His big second half — he made eight 3s as part of his 28 points in the third and fourth quarters — fueled the team’s win against the Wizards. You know where they struggle with their outside shots? Irving.