J.R. Ewing’s Last Ride: Larry Hagman’s Final Episode ofDallas to Air Tonight

Set the DVR: Larry Hagman’s final episode runs tonight. According to the folks at TNT:

In a heartrending farewell episode, Dallas says goodbye to the legendary J.R. Ewing, who, after a lifetime of scheming and dealing, has finally met his end. The Ewing family reels at hearing the news about J.R.’s death and is even more shocked to learn the cause. Striving to set aside their differences, J.R.’s family comes together to mourn his passing, accompanied by many characters from his past. But their tears are soon overpowered by a shocking revelation worthy of one of televisions most iconic characters. In life – and now in death – nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to J.R. Ewing.

Dallas‘ Linda Gray will be on both D: The Broadcast and D Living this morning talking about Hagman. And be sure to check back in tomorrow for Terry Linwood’s FrontRow recap.


  • BrandonS

    In case people who don’t watch the show tune in tonight in hopes to see Larry, last week was technically his last show. Tonight’s show will be his funeral. Certainly will be a great show though, bringing back lots of old cast members and what-not.