• Wylie H Dallas

    This seems pretty amazing. A hearing relating to potential prosecutorial misconduct. Lisa Blue takes the 5th repeatedly, then steps down.

    DA Watkins’ attorneys claim not to know where he is when is supposed to take the stand (while simultaneously making up all sorts of reasons why he shouldn’t be called to testify), finally they admit he’s in the building, but say he can’t make it because he is “ill” or something (he had apparently been validly served with a subpoena).

  • mynameisbill

    The only thing bizarre is that more folks who run things in this town aren’t under some type of FBI investigation…….or are they? hmmmmmmmmm 🙂

  • thufir_hawat

    Rough draft of the DA’s story as to why he was not available to testify:

  • Dallas0045

    It sickens me ….what this sweet young family has had to endure over the past few years. I have followed Rachael Dedman’s Facebook over the past 6 months and can not believe how unlawful this entire circus is. I studied law for 2 yrs and know enough to know that this is nothing more than a smear campaign. Why do people even care what this family spent at dept stores?? We are talking about the Hunt-Hill family here…BILLION’s people!!! I mean do we care what Donald Trumps family spends on clothes and jewelry? Ummmmmm, this family earned what they have and the jealousy in this town abounds…..Our city had a wonderful young family here and Atlanta has gained a little more class as Dallas has lost ALOT of it !