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Craig Watkins


Criminal Justice

More Than 30 Years After his Conviction, Steven Chaney Is Deemed Innocent

The Dallas man was convicted of murder in a brutal 1987 double homicide.
Local Government

Craig Watkins Needs a Chauffeur

By now, you're aware that District Attorney Craig Watkins hit someone on the Tollway and then paid that someone to keep quiet about the accident. Read this Tod Robberson post from yesterday. The FBI is now looking into the matter. As Robberson points out, Watkins apparently did the old "Do you know who I am?" bit at the accident scene. Let's go back to another accident involving Watkins, this one from 2007.
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Where in the World Is Rachael Dedman?

If you're out there, Rachael, give us a sign.
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BREAKING: Craig Watkins Is Not Short on Swagger

The man isn't afraid to make a bold prediction.