Bill Callahan Calls Tim Brown’s Allegations ‘Ludicrous and Defamatory’

Yesterday was a busy day for Dallas Cowboys offensive line coach Bill Callahan. He presumably spent the morning wondering what the hell Tim Brown was talking about, and by the afternoon had basically been handed the reins to the Cowboys offense. Then he sent this statement to regarding Brown’s allegations that Callahan threw the 2003 Super Bowl:

I am shocked, saddened and outraged by Tim Brown’s allegations and Jerry Rice’s support of those allegations. To leave no doubt, I categorically and unequivocally deny the sum and substance of their allegation. To suggest otherwise, especially at this time when it involves the Super Bowl, is ludicrous and defamatory.

Any suggestion that I would undermine the integrity of the sport that I love and dedicated my life to, or dishonor the commitment I made to our players, coaches and fans, is flat out wrong. I think it would be in the best interests of all including the game America loves that these allegations be retracted immediately.

So, yeah, kind of an up-and-down day.


  • Scott Strong

    I don’t understand how someone with such a history of abject failure continues to get jobs. Callahan is a joke. He was a joke with the Raiders, he completely destroyed the program at Nebraska, and now he’s sucking with the Cowboys.

    I blame Jerry.

  • RSF

    I know Tim Brown and he’s a man of complete integrity. He’s not a liar. The fact that Deion Sanders was chosen for the hall of fame over Tim shows the sorry state of pro football today. That’s also reflected in the casual acceptance of grossly unacceptable behavior of the Dallas Cowboys.